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    Anyone interested in this game? I've been playing the closed beta and it's a ton of fun. It's a very much PvP driven game, which will have a story campaign mode with the full release. You can play as four different classes under the Samurai, Knight, and Viking factions.


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    It looks interesting. Are there any giveaways for the PC version?

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    I would normally play it, but it goes against my anti-ubisoft stance =X

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    You might find some somewhere. However, there's an open beta, where you can download and try the game out for free, starting February 9th, through the 12th.

    Yeah, their games generally blow. In fact, the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta started yesterday and that game is in a horrid state, almost akin to Arkham Knight's PC release. For Honor, however, everyone is agreeing it is the best game pumped out by Ubisoft in a very long time and the state of the game is incredible. The developers have done a really, really good job with it.



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