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Thread: Hero's Enrage

  1. Default Hero's Enrage

    Is it glitched?

    After using a bunch of nodes to level up my skills I went to test my damage, and I noticed I deal less damage to normal monsters when I activate Enrage (about 20% less damage).

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    Default Re: Hero's Enrage

    Enrage was changed a while back, to deal more lines with less damage on each line.
    Look at the description of Raging Blow:
    "Damage: 268%, Number of attacks: 5, Final attack is critical.
    While enraged, Attack 9 times, Damage: 167%, the final two attacks are criticals."

    Use the Battle Analysis system to see how much total DPM you're doing with and without Enrage.

    And then they went and "removed" the damage cap, so the whole silliness with balancing classes by giving them all dozens of lines per attack, is no longer necessary. But I doubt they'll ever undo it.

  3. Default Re: Hero's Enrage

    Actually, they have changed a few skills to have higher damage and fewer lines. Enraged Raging Blow was changed to 285% * 5 (seems to still be 167*9 for Cry Valhalla and Burning Soul Blade though), and Styx Crossing was changed to 3750% * 5.

  4. Default Re: Hero's Enrage

    Thanks, I knew there was something I was missing. To be honest it is hard to follow what goes on with your skills and their damage when all you see are a bunch of lines piling up and vanishing in like 1 second.



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