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  1. Default Liberals doing crazy pomegranate; double the fun!

    The two things I would like to talk about today are SB-1322 and the video from last night, because while the former is clearly the more atrocious, the latter does also need people actually talking about it and currently the news media is almost completely ignoring it, and even the police are saying these 4 black guys "clearly only abducted and tortured this white guy because he was mentally handicapped".

    As to the first, I'm not even going to provide a link to it, just take a few seconds to google it and cringe at how pineappleing stupid California is. Even saying anything about it will probably trigger some people because "no you are getting it wrong you are not putting it into the perfect scenario that the law is supposed to function in, look at it this way and ignore all the other pomegranate it does!", but I guess I kind of have to. SB-1322 legalizes child prostitution in California. It does not DIRECTLY legalize it, but it legalizes it nonetheless. The Californian government SAYS it is not meant to do this, but looking at the actual wording of the law, that's precisely what it does. It is DESIGNED so that child sex slaves are not prosecuted and are not breaking the law by selling their bodies, only their holders are, which, sounds like a perfect reasonable law if you ignore the fact that that's always been the pineappleing case and they were never considered criminals for being sex slaves to begin with, but let's ignore that for a moment. The unintended side effect of this law is this; because of the wording, children can now essentially tell a police officer trying to bring them in to go pineapple themselves and stop infringing on their constitutional rights, and based on this law, they would be entirely within their own rights to do so; the holders will inform them of this even if they aren't aware of it themselves. Guess what the main way to capture sex traffickers is? Getting the children to testify against them. How do you get someone to testify if they are no longer committing any crime and can no longer even be taken off the streets?

    I fully expect this law to hit a brick wall on the first supreme court hearing and be ruled unconstitutional, but until then, child prostitution is now legal in California, good job California, you have such a stellar track record recently!

    The second is the video of the 4 black guys torturing an mentally handicapped white guy. I would love to link it, but youtube removes all videos of it, because apparently BlackLivesMatter beating up a handicapped kid is more problematic than all of the ISIS beheading videos that they keep up. The few news media outlets that have covered this have either stated it was not based on race, not even given the races, or edited the content massively to make it look much less deplorable, none of them have left in the "pineapple all white people" phrase. The local police department had this load of dogpomegranate to say

    All in all, good job liberals, you totally aren't coming off as crazy and worse than those you denounce as amoral and racist.

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    I've heard about the latter, but not the former. It's reprehensible.
    And the way regressives are defending it and using mental gymnastics (blaming Trump's rhetoric, for example) is pathetic, to say the least.

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    Default Re: Liberals doing crazy pomegranate; double the fun!

    j-just kids being kids, ha ha...

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    Default Re: Liberals doing crazy pomegranate; double the fun!

    On SB-1322, I've got mixed feelings. I certainly don't think police should be wasting time arresting underage prostitutes because the vast majority are coerced. These children need help, not punishment and that's exactly what the law is intended to do. I don't think that the threat of jail time was every particularly effective in compelling testimony against the pimps. The pimps are far scarier. That said, it does nothing to improve existing services to help these children so I don't expect any real improvement.

    How does this have anything to do with the Constitution?

    From everything I've read, the kidnappers are clearly racist. Maybe there's no history of racial bias (beyond this video) and that's why officials have been reluctant to call it out. I believe the legal burden for declaring it a hate crime is quite high. I'm more inclined to believe this is just Chicago PD being massively incompetent as usual. Media editing bias is nothing new... but man, this should be easy to universally condemn. To be fair, NPR includes the quotes prominently in their article/broadcast. I can't speak about other news outlets because I don't usually check their drivel.

    From an efficacy perspective, it doesn't matter if they attribute the crime to race or mental disability. The penalty is the same and these people are going to go to jail for a long, long time.

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    Default Re: Liberals doing crazy pomegranate; double the fun!

    no they are black, they can't be racist duhhh!!!

    well it looks like they caved to pressure and are finally charging them for hate crimes
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  6. Default Re: Liberals doing crazy pomegranate; double the fun!

    Apparently live streamed to some dumb ass plums facebook.

    Upon watching the video 9 minutes in I'm tapping out. It's just horrific. They cut so deep into his skull that you can literally see the bone and they put cigarettes or whatever the pineapple they were smoking out on his open wound. A prison sentence would be so perfect for them, they're all 18 or over.



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