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  1. Default Known Instability Issues - 12/24

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Known Instability Issues - 12/24


    These instability issues were sooooo unexpected.

    But look, the servers are all green now. All thanks to your diligent Nexon game team. We fixed it. We can go back to sleep. How could we possibly guess that Cash Shop will crash again next DMT?
    (Well, hopefully not. People should be buying most of their cubes now during the lull. But the ones who want "just one more pack" during DMT might not be able to get it.)

  3. Orbital Bee Cannon Straight Male
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    Default Re: Known Instability Issues - 12/24

    Yeah I definitely went crazy with cube buying a couple hours after DMT ended. CS was still a bit laggy, but was able to spend most of my mesos on buying the discounted cubes. Hopefully the CS doesn't implode again during the next two DMTs, at least to the point where I can actually move my stockpiled cubes out.

  4. Default Re: Known Instability Issues - 12/24

    It probably would have been fine if they didn't schedule a 2X event AND a spell trace event at the same exact time.



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