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  1. Default Re: "Beyond" - 5th job second skill set

    I usually notice the Symbols that drop. But when you do long ass sessions of grinding with all drops multipliers and Kanna its impossible to see any symbol. With this choco pomegranate I had to grind with no pets, or my pc would crash (more than what it usually crash)

    If they make them match the size of Nodestones It would be perfect for my crappy pc as I wouldnt use pets at all.

  2. Default Re: "Beyond" - 5th job second skill set

    I can't even begin to tell you the amount of times I've looted a pile of items and then 5 or 6 minutes later I open my inventory and oh look an arcane symbol appeared. It happens everyday.

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    Default Re: "Beyond" - 5th job second skill set

    I also can't get stuff with pet, it just lag too much, i lose too much time lagging instead of killing mobs, at least i got some symbols that i could see, the maps is quite big so i guess there isn't too much stuff at one place.



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