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    I played Maplestory and grinding games over many years and had alot of fun and made many nice friends, but in its basics all i did was leveling up characters by running around in a map over many hours and killing monsters. I got used to learn vocabulary or learn for school while grinding. I always had one eye on the screen, the other eye in my books^^ One day i had the idea to put both together and started to create a maplestory fangame, where i can grind my japanese vocabulary :) The game is growing by every day, and i input more and more vocabulary. If you want to have a fast look feel free to watch this movie:

    I wished some famous gamedesigners would create games like this in a professional way. Imagine there would be a MMORPG, where people move in a great world like maplestory and learn a new language :) I have seen people with so much potential who are grinding like 24 hours to get more and more Level Ups, but in the end one day the game server is closing and they lose their character. If they would learn something by grinding, they would be able to speak for example a new language after some years of grinding and if the server is getting closed they wont lose what they have earned :) Education MMORPGs would be really a great thing :D

    Here are still some screenshots from my game, if you dont want to watch the video:

    Characters are actually created by banned story, and then you can add them into the game and give a name :)

    In every new map 5 new vocabulary are coming.

    The higher the level of the monster, the more vocabulary it knows.

    Nice training grounds :)

    Yes... the game and the vocabulary is still growing by every day. :) If you like my idea and what i do, you can wait for more videos and things i will post here. If you know famous game designers tell them to make a professional game like this, where people can play and learn together :)

    [Information: Iam not the owner of Maplestory or anything shown in my fangame. I just created a vocabulary trainer for myself with the game content and show it to people to tell them my idea, and how to improve MMORPGs for education reasons ;) Thats it. ]

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    This is a very interesting way to incorporate both in a single setting. I hope Nexon doesn't shut it down, however. I would have loved something like this many years ago when I first started playing the Japanese version of the game.

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    Yeah, it's really cool, and i tought the same, if nexon would do like Niintendo, sooping fans games( i don't think this will happen tho, seeying how privates tend to live and generaly kill themselves instead nexon doing so).

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    i don't know if this is allowed in southperry sorry, that aside, i REALLY like the idea, i've wanted a language learning game for millenia, hell i was considering some H game that supposedly has this purpose

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    This reminds me a lot of when Red/Blue Pokemon came out in the US. Like every other kid, I was crazy about it and begged my parents for some stupid sticker book about the series. They bought it on the condition that I write something in it everyday. Between that and reading game text, I actually significantly improved my reading/writing. It's pretty cool to see this applied to a foreign language! I can't imagine this is the first attempt to use video games to teach language

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    i learned english simply because i got the very basic at school, and then every day came back to play pokemon, mario 64, tintin and many more games. it's no overstatement to say that games taught me english

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    Thank you for watching my video and writing nice comments :) And thank you to Southperry for not closing my thread and accepting it as "Expressive Arts". I promise to not insert any download links here. Iam just showing the progress here from time to time by a video. By the way its not worth to share it anyway at this early state yet :) And in the end i dont even know if its usefull for others, since it is my very own vocabulary set, i learn here.

    Also the main intention of this thread is to motivate people to be creative and constructive by themself. So i will tell you what i used to create a game like this. The whole game is created with RPG-Maker VX Ace. This engine is very easy to use and gives a great visual interface to create maps and add events. To create a sidescroller game in RPG Maker VX Ace you still have to insert a great set of scripts called ARC-Engine, its very easy to use aswell (You can search it in Youtube for nice tutorials ;) ). If you watch some tutorials about RPG-Maker its very easy to understand i think :) My game itself is based on the monster events which are calling random variables and these are linked to my vocabulary words. The higher the level of a monster, the more words it knows :D As you can see its all about the "pick the correct answer out of 4"-words which are getting randomly spawned. If you are interested i can help you to create a similar system to learn your vocabulary with a game you create yourself ^_^.

    For everybody who want to know how my vocabulary grinding is going on,
    ~> here is my new video with new content and a new boss :D

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    Here is another video where i show how a new map is created for people who are interested how things are done in my game and what programs i use.

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    So here is part 3. I got 140 words in the vocabulary database now. Alot of new maps and a new boss in the end of the video :) Have a nice weekend!



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