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  1. Idiot. Male
    IGN: Enfris
    Server: Reboot GMS
    Level: 173
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Forever alone.jpg
    Alliance: Forever alone.jpg

    Default EMS Migration Update

    EMS will now migrate and join the dark side on the 10th and the two EMS worlds will now be merged into one under the name Luna.

  2. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Dominion

    Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    I give it a year, tops, before Luna suffers El Nido's fate.

  3. Mercury Male
    IGN: Ivangoldes
    Server: Now Bera
    Level: 243
    Job: Marksman
    Guild: Olimpo
    Alliance: Aliança
    Farm: Ivangold

    Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    Well at least it's fused, i saw how dead was Demethos EMS
    Well i wonder how populated the servers will once 5job here...

  4. Neutron
    IGN: SkyTheBM
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 235
    Job: Bowmaster
    Guild: Revenance
    Alliance: Blanc
    Farm: Skybase

    Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    Even in low population servers such as MYBCKN, GMS does get relatively active during the summer and winter months. I'm sure 5th job will help quite a bit with a population boost and having people stay. At least a for a while.

  5. Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    People's is afraid of losing potentials like we did when Supreme got shutdown and they transfer the chars to Kradia/Demethos

    Theyre talking about us losing something, besides the confirmed ones (guild, farm, buddylist) so that might be it (or flames, that I think we do). If it really happens, forget the population from EMS.

  6. Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    Is ems really that small? I thought there would be an uproar over the merging into 1 server.

    Oh well hope you guys enjoy the updates. Sorry your probably losing additional options, I know nebs don't make up for them.

  7. Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    For example, when the Pink Bean leveling event was over (that night on the ranks) there was 495 level 200 Pink Beans around on EMS, lets say 1% of population made it to 200, so we have less than 1m people playing. Thats how dead is EMS. Also since they gave us the Merge news and the V173. We havent got anything besides crappy Nx sales or 2x events on weekends. I mean Nothing. Over 4months of nothing makes it even worse.

    Im not so sure about Demethos, but they barely have enough shops on fm to max 2 or 3 henesys maps.

    Our costumer service, even tho it was better fixing some bugs that we got back with the changes of V173 (who would have though), has made some decisions on the past that have killed the servers bit by bit.

    Im not even sure of sticking up on the merge, will try my Evan and see if I get motivated. But atm I dont even go online cause im off in 2mins out of boredness.

  8. Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    I'm pretty sure GMS hass less than 100k active players (not counting bots alts etc) so having less than 1m players is kinda, too big of a range to compare to use in the first place?

  9. Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    EMS population isnt very high but its still a decent amount nonetheless.

    What Im wondering is if the merge will kill Luna since at first sight it looks like it brings more downsides than upsides to EMS.

  10. Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    pineapple Nexon, married for close to 7,5 years and now they are doing this just when GMS is about to bring back wedding ring effects I payed for years ago, how suspicious. Compensation will probably also mean pulling a 180 just like they did with Mabinogi Europe compensation and never delivered hack compensation f3.

  11. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 232
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Dominion

    Default Re: EMS Migration Update

    If it's any consolation, the old wedding rings' effect did not come back. There's a new and ugly effect for the new wedding rings.



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