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Thread: How's Maple?

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    Haven't played Maple for a good year or two now, thinking about getting back into it and starting fresh. I'm just wondering for those of you who still play GMS, how is the population of the game? Are there still a generous amount of players? Just what is your general opinion on how the game is.


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    In Scania and Reboot yes. I don't know about other servers. If you have any interest in 5th job I would say now would be a good time to start preparing for it. In KMS the population skyrocketed hard when 5th job hit. I think Nexon expects the same here.

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    From a game launching and connectivity standpoint, I'd say nexon is doing fairly ok. Not superb but not bad either. Haven't experienced any crashes during bosses or moving to the private channel since the patch so thats a plus. You'll probably encounter the chat channel problem so make sure you block the requests with your firewall.

    Scania is not as lively as it once was, it's very common to only have to change channels maybe once to twice to find your training map. Otherwise it's all bots all over.

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    Barely play myself but GRAZED is kinda a shell of it's former self. Free market never really passes fm4~5.. Reboot is a bit more populated however the lack of an economy (no trading) ruins my experience there. Overall the game has improved, cubing and upgrading equipment has become much more available to those who do not wish to pay up big bucks in the cash shop however the game still feels limited to those who splash out on NX.

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    I've never been one to shy away from throwing nexon a few bills, but that's good to hear that it's getting easier. Less $ spent is always better. Looks like I'll be restarting on Scania.

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    Maple is Maple. Still got your run-of-the-mill farmers and sellers, still got your average run-of-the-mill grind spots, still got your run-of-the-mill Cash Shop Stravaganza!! sales, and still got your average-everyday-solo-player-friendly-boss-run-inducing-equipment-gathering-mapler base.

    Nothing really changed except for an addition of maps, events, ui tweeks, and bugs. Yes bugs are now an official-unofficial feature of Maple. Reboot and Scania are now the hot servers so jump on or back on them if you want to be "in" with the Maple crowd =D

    I am happy on my current server but I still join Reboot occasionally.



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