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  1. Default Cure for nostalgia?

    Anyone got one? I've been suffering for some time. I no longer have sites like this bookmarked, so the obvious culprit is my maple memories bringing me back. It was just a game. The only online PC game I've ever played for that matter. The people though.. they were just great. Great times. Great talks. Great experience.

    P.S. the nostalgia peddler is back

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    Default Re: Cure for nostalgia?

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    Default Re: Cure for nostalgia?

    What i see many people claim is that it was the community that made maplestory great, i believe that's only a part of it, what made maplestory great for me was that there was some level on uniqueness to the game, in the classes being different as well as the different areas of the game and the monsters you found there.

    The different classes and their skills made people try them out because they seemed really fun or they saw a video of someone using the class really well and felt inspired to do the same, but that took time and dedication, now it seems as if players are more interested in throwing truckloads of money at the game to get immediate satisfaction, and nexon is helping them out by inventing a new and super strong "forgotten hero" or making new ways to overpower your character.

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    Default Re: Cure for nostalgia?

    A sugestion would be playing another online game, or maybe getting invested in the new maple, today's maple is more enjoyable if you hardly pay nx(honestly), and enjoy the slow progression of the game, in old times you couldn't jump so easily to the contents, now people can put nx or money and jump most of the game.

    There's also changes that hapenned to people, that make em wish they could go to the past, when they were themselves(in a way society ''corupt'' people), so maybe beying you again would help.

    Yet i can't deny that the old maple was more pure.



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