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  1. Default Regarding 5th job 'decent' skills

    So i watched alot of the video that these skills are in the list even though it doesn't look like you have the item with 'decent' skill and even you are not the original class.

    Wonder that if this is true? if so, i wanna sell mine earlier and/or recube to other stat.

  2. Default Re: Regarding 5th job 'decent' skills

    5th Job decent skills can be used without the item, but they have slight differences. If you have the 5th job decent skill, you also get some minor stat bonuses (most of them are just like +4 all stats at max), and of course, you don't have to switch items in to cast them, but they have cooldowns, so if you don't have a buff freezer or a battleroid, then, dying is a pretty big problem.

  3. Default Re: Regarding 5th job 'decent' skills

    Will I be able to get these 5th job's decent skill to 100% uptime?
    Also, is it worth to get them IF they can be 100% uptime?
    Will I be stronger if I ignore these decent's and enhance other skill?

    Do you have a full list of info regarding them somewhere maybe? Most info I found out there are without number or detail explanation.

    I kinda confuse why are there so many slot when I only have 1 main bossing and 1 main mobbing skill.

  4. Default Re: Regarding 5th job 'decent' skills

    They should have 100% up time from level 1, the only problem is that if you die, you can't immediately recast them because they have a cooldown.

    You have finite skill slots. You start out with like 4 I think, and get 1 for every 6 levels above 200, so you'd have to use them wisely.

    You'll want one slot for the shared class skill, one for your own class skill, and then the 5th job hero's will, maybe, the grappling hook if you have poor upward mobility, and the bind if you find that necessary. And then if you want, you might want to have decent skills.

    Then you'll want to use enhancement cores to buff your attacking skills. Enhancement cores only go up to a certain level, but the actual cap is higher, so you'll need at least two slots to max the enhancement core for one skill (the skill level of the enhancement is the sum of the levels of all the enhancement cores you have that buff that skill, so if you had, for example two cores with Gigaslash, if you're a Kaiser, a level 10 and a level 15, the enhancement skill for Gigaslash would be at 25). Each enhancement core buffs up to three skills. Sure you'll want one for your main attack and mobbing skill, but you might want to also buff like say, Final Attack, if you're class that has it.

    After this, you might want to add special cores which give you special effects, like healing you if you hit a monster a certain amount of times, or giving you bonus EXP if you get hit a certain amount of times.

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    Default Re: Regarding 5th job 'decent' skills

    You can have cores such the hook using for trainning, and bind for bosses; decent skills can still be usefull at times(dojo and trainning maybe?), they also start with like 180sec duration to 300sec.



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