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Thread: [Notice] Changes to Patch Notes

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    And yet somehow this meant that the patch notes were finally completed 3 hours after the game is up? Lol.
    I miss the detailed patch notes. This simplification is probably an attempt to make writing patch notes an easier job for whoever is responsible.

    "We also understand that some of our players found it difficult to quickly find information about each new content, event, or simple change made in the patch."
    They don't even consistently list the changes made in the game other than skill updates. And they only sometimes list the bugfixes (if they even know themselves if they got fixed). So I don't know what they're trying to get at. And not everyone reads the patch notes in its entirety. That's what the Table of Contents, subject headers are for, no?

    Just checked the word count for the patch notes and Cash Shop post. Guess which one has more words (entire body of the post incl. table of contents/etc)? (It's the Cash Shop post)

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    Yeah I don't know of anyone that would have difficulty clicking the link to the event they want to read up on or just pushing Ctrl+F for select keywords but whatever.. ease of use!!

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    I read this as "we don't want to be caught plagiarizing orangemushroom and we don't want to translate it ourselves so we're taking the easy way out"

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    I was going to say the exact same thing when I first saw this.

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    Default Re: Changes to Patch Notes

    Or maybe nexon is doing another ''problem'' and then in the end change back and say they listened to the comunity (doing that they are basically walking in circules)

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    Except that doesnt exactly work since literally no one asked for this.

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    Nobody asked for Kishin to be nerfed, or for meso bags to be added to Reboot, either.
    Nexon changes something for the worse, then the community complains, then Nexon changes things to be almost as good as they were before, and the community falls all over itself in gratitude that Nexon "listened".
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  9. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Default Re: Changes to Patch Notes

    If there is a real problem for some people with how detailed the update notes used to be, the solution is to use something like our "spoilers": put the highlights in the main body of the notes, with buttons for "read more..." that cause more text to expand in-place.

    Something like this:
    I don't know HTML but I can't imagine this would be too hard to implement.

    That way, those who want condensed notes will leave the detailed sections hidden, but those who want all the info at once will expand them all and leave them that way.

    If they absolutely can't do it, then they should at least put in a link to the specific event's detailed web notice. I don't like that solution because I like to keep the Update Notes open in a tab in my browser all the time, and CTRL+F anything I need to look up instantly. If I have to start opening a bunch of tabs and searching for the right one for each bit of content, it'd be a hassle. But links would still be better than nothing. Their website is a pain to find anything in, and while our Nexon Announcements section shows more at a glance, it can get swamped and have events that are still active fall off the first page.

    Of course, all that is assuming they could write the entire update notes in detail in time, and the only reason they didn't is to spare us the detail overload we've apparently been complaining about

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    Default Re: Changes to Patch Notes

    assume too much of these workers at nexon at your own peril



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