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    Default Flames of Rebirth Survey

    My reasons for Additional Options are:
    • Extra stats and damage in raw numbers or percentages
    • Make Meister Accessory Crafting just as useful as Meister Smithing (Meister Set is outshone by Gollux and CRA sets
    • Easily obtainable to the unfunded
    • Majority of the flames compatiable to items below 150 and items above 150 (Sweetwater, Absolab, Terminous, Alien Fragment) require specially crafted Flames
    • Flames of Rebirth are potentially more powerful than even A 4% Nebulites and Boss% Nebulites as well as more balanced
    • Re-flaming your gear doesn't require NX to remove the initial upgrade you wish to remove and replace

    I still have the threads talking about Flames of Rebirth such as this one: Flames of Rebirth Thread and previous polls

    I also have a few thread addressing Nebulites and their cons Old Nebulites Thread
    Another Nebulite Thread

    That would hurt those that had spent money on bonus potentials, legendaries etc. If AO were introduced to the game, I would guarantee people would be hitting higher numbers and bosses like Hard Lotus and Hard Damien would be plausible when 5th job comes.

    There is my theory on how the flames might impact the community

    Endgame players usually use Sweetwater equipment which are 160 and only be enhanced by crafted flames if we had them. Most of the flames cater to those who wear equipment below 160 (there are 150, 140, 130, 120, 110 flames.) The flames can only enhance items whose level is below the flame's level. The item's results are determined by equipment's level. The craftable flames give the bigger results than the boss dropped ones (kind of like a unique with 9% LUK 6%LUK compared to a better unique with 9% LUK 9% LUK.)

    In order for a person wearing CRA, Superior Gollux, Tyrant and SW to flame their gear, they must obtain the highest level flame from bosses (the chart here explains how difficult it is to flame items above 150) If that player couldn't craft flames, he can only use 2 flames on CRA/Gollux/Tyrants a day if he killed CPB or Hard Hilla while the SW gear is only affected by crafted flames whose materials come from recycling flames dropped by bosses.

    If players wanted the best flames, they would need high rank alchemists (master or meister) with extractors to recycle flames and a high level accessory craftsman (meister) to make the flames for the higher level gear. Zakum and RA is perfectly doable for anyone who is or has a party, and they will be able to upgrade their gear after boss fights or sell it to those who need a lot of flames to break down. The unfunded players with low level gear can profit off of the power-hungry upper class by selling them materials they are short of. If they upgrade their gear enough and get good results, they can move on to tackle stronger bosses and increase the number of flames they obtain to sell/use. I can envision a community of players being able to upgrade their equipment after a boss and where the poor always has something to sell.

    I hope Nexon would consider adding Additional Options to the GMS as well as return it to EMS. (Please don't include the scissor count :D )

    I cannot wait for Flames of Rebirth and 5th Job

  2. Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    Let's hope this actually convinces Nexon to add it, or if it will be just like
    Also, did KMS change Chaos Zakum to give higher level flames when the revamp came?

  3. Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    I already posted this on your Nexon forum threads, but the vast majority of flames will probably be useless for most of the equips we already have.

    It all comes down to the difference between this:

    And this:

    The white dot represents items which had additional items from the start, and despite us not getting the system, all items that have been dropped since Unleashed have been tagged in this way. You can't use any of the basic flames on these items, none of the ones that drop from bosses, only the crafted flames.

    This video demonstrates this:

    I doubt Nexon would bother to revert this so that we can flame all our items without additional options, but it is a possibility, assuming this is something they can revert in the first place.

    I would actually imagine, much like they changed the crafted cube system, and probably for the same reasons, we would probably see the following:
    - No Level 100/110/120/130/140/150 Rebirth Flames will drop from bosses (much like how occult cubes don't drop from our bosses)
    - Rebirth Crystals will drop from bosses (much like how cube fragments drop from our bosses)
    - Rebirth Fragments will drop from whatever you can get Cubic (Chaos) Blades from.
    - At a low rate, Powerful/Eternal Rebirth Flames will drop from bosses (like how Master Craftsman/Meister Cubes drop from bosses), possibly with the chance of Powerful Rebirth Flames dropping from every monster, like Master Craftsman Cubes. Maybe from legendary veins (maybe add them to legendary herb veins, they don't really do anything). They'll probably also be only account tradeable. They'd probably drop at a higher rate that cubes, though.
    - Of course, you can craft Powerful/Eternal Rebirth Flames as usual.

  4. Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    I hate flame cuz i hate psok and sok limit i wouldnt want to make any my item untradeable unless the item is untradeable in the first place
    never a fan of flame cuz of the random stats is quite annoying

  5. Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    Flames making items undreadeable is a GMS feature. On EMS our items where 100% tradeable with or without flames, Same goes for KMS. And they where changed to psok counter when we got the full GMS v173 patch.

    Also flaming an item that didnt had flames before takes more than 100flames and lot of luck (pray to rgnjisus)

    Making them only crafteable will make it such a pain in the ....

    Best flame options come from recently dropped items and Powerfull flames (at very low rate) only.

  6. Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    Having additional options on an item doesn't necessarily make them untradeable on KMS, because things that drop with additional options under 140 aren't untradeable, but using flames on an item will definitely make something tradeable untradeable upon equipping and add a scissor count in KMS, and 140+ items will always have scissor counts if they have additional options, regardless if they were flamed or not.

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    Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    One good thing about flame is the aditional status, it helps any new players that start since they can get some random eqps with extra status(sometimes you stay with lv60eqps to over 120), also flames can increase the status of eqps dropped, in EMS there are plenty of itens with like extra 3%all stats, weapons with +20att.
    The real thing is: now most eqps that people would use for end game can't get those extra status unless you put flame on it(that's problably one of the reasons KMS made cra and alike be obtained by coins), and in GMS we would need to put flames if we wanted the extra status, i don't know how it would actually help, i think it's better to NexonNa introduce the neb S and maybe make more ways to get higher rank nebs?

  8. Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    Wel the time I played KMS it wasnt like this, the flames or flamed items would not get scissor count. But perhaps they changed. Atm on EMS with our v173 of GMS, most of my items that where flamed by me doesnt have the scissor count, only the ones that I made from 0 after flames patch (with ad stats) have these counters. So its like working 100% the opossite as what you telling me.

  9. Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    I don't know when you played, but it's always been like this in KMS. It's described specifically in the patch notes when additional options were originally released into KMS, which you can find here, under points 7 and 8. Maybe you flamed a wholy untradeable item? Those won't get scissor counts since you can't scissor them anyway.

    Flames making items untradeable is very much a KMS-original feature.

  10. Electron Straight Male
    IGN: Daxterbeer
    Server: Arcania
    Level: 211
    Job: Blade Master
    Guild: Cosmos
    Alliance: Family
    Farm: Daxxxcitadel

    Default Re: Flames of Rebirth Survey

    It is a shame Nexon doesn't listen to our ideas



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