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    In the past when I played MapleStory I always played it as a solo game just doing my own thing collecting odd items doing quests and etc, but now I find myself wanting to return to MapleStory and do something I never did before and that is boss (Before the only boss I really did was Zakum) so I am wondering what is the best character for bossing? I mean I've seen the DPS charts and all that but does that translate into the best solo bosser? Preferably I would want a class that is good at solo bossing up to the most recent KMS patch if anyone has inside info on that.

    Besides the character I am wondering if I should do a normal world or the reboot world. I personally don't mind paying to win but what I want to know is are the bosses on the reboot world still as powerful as their normal world counterparts?

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    You should look out for the 5 job now that it came in KMS, i would say it isn't that easy to decide what class is most OP in bossing now, i would say F/P is still strong, marksman got some damage boost in 5 job too, but they still revamped some 4 job skills so you should look more into one that you like in terms of Playstyle, since it won't change with 5 job, but just get reinforced and better.

    Edit: If you are gonna main a class for real you problably gonna play that class for a lot of hours, so at least least chose one that you like the best .

    About reboot: in reboot you gotta farm your own money while in normal ones you gotta farm itens and sell to get eqps of your class, it's also easyer to trade class in normal ones since equips are tradeable with psoks(end game eqps in general).

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    The bosses on Reboot are identical to their counterparts in normal worlds.

    Nowadays, any class can solo most of the bosses in the game. It's all a question of how much money (or time, in Reboot) was poured into the character.
    Some bosses can't be solo'ed at all, and have barely been beaten in a party.
    Some (one?) boss can only be defeated solo by a few classes, but once we get 5th job and the damage cap is removed, that will no longer be the case.

    Nexon constantly tweaks and "rebalances" any class that looks like it's more powerful than the rest. So trying to find "the best bosser" is bound to be quite the frustrating experience. Just play what you enjoy.

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    Thanks for you replies about reboot world, I'll stay away from it since it sounds like trash when it comes to end game bosses.

    Thing is what I am going to like and enjoy the best is the current best bosser.

    Which boss(es) and which classes?

    I realize this, which is why I want to "future-proof" by going with a class that has been consistently good at soloing the highest amount of bosses in the game up to the current KMS 5th job patch.

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    No one has anything else to contribute that might help me out?

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    Aran's pretty decent currently, they do get nerfs later. Bow Master is always good, Wild Hunter is good. Look up DPS analysis threads on basilmarket.



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