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  1. Default Monster Life's Minion Duration

    Hey guys, I discovered that Monster life isnt bugged for EMS anymore and went to try it out. I made my farm lv15 and got a bunch of Yeti & Pepe monsters but I dont think it works like I though it should.

    Some context: Im an Evan and wanted to have more summon time on my dragon, so far I have a SS Corsair card and a S Jett card wich gives 18% summon duration. I havent really tested if it works on my Dragon hyper skill but since I have an Empress Magnificent soul I can say it does work, and dragon also feels to last longer with them, but not sure.

    I saw that monster life had this minion duration % and to be honest I though it was mean to be for summon, but now after I have stacked a bunch of B+ Yeti&Pepe (around 25%) I dont see any difference on either my Dragon or my Empress soul. Are they different? Summon duration=/=Minion duration?? Or its bugged?

    If yetis doesnt work for summon, is there anything usefull on monster life to get? I dont really care about some int, but stuff like buff duration or idk elemental resistance (stuff you cant normally get from multiple sources) I could keep going for them

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Monster Life's Minion Duration

    Monster Life bonuses do not stack. You only get the bonus of your highest-ranked yeti or pepe.

    You can hover your cursor over the monster-count indicator (top-right of your window when you're in Monster Life) to see what bonuses you are getting.

  3. Default Re: Monster Life's Minion Duration

    Wow that was fast, thanks.

    So I can only get 1 of any effect? or 1 of each? So atm that I have a Rank A Yeti that 4% is the only effect I get? fml 25% lol

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    Default Re: Monster Life's Minion Duration

    Monster Life really doesn't offer enough bonuses to justify the effort.
    I tried to get the Maple Conference to try to get it adjusted better, but I got met with a lot of resistance by people who either didn't understand that the pomegranate doesn't stack, or saw it as an encroachment on the exclusivity on the status afforded to high paying players.



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