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  1. Default Dark knight's inner ability

    With the update, EMS inherited also GMS speed no-cap system (I think there is no cap at least?).
    My current inner ability is legendary with 44% buff duration. I have approximately 1m honor points (100ish resets).
    I previously had in mind to use circulators to roll 50% buff and then use honor to lock the 50% and aim for other decent lines. It seems like with this update attack speed IA will be very beneficial. Resetting with honor can make your 1st line drop to 2nd, so here are some questions that could help me decide what to do (or if you have even better solutions they will be very welcome)...
    - if my 1st line drops in order while maintaining itself down to the 2nd slot, does the 1st line remain legend-ranked (basically I end up with 2 legendary lines)? That would allow me to keep both attack speed and a 40%+ buff duration line
    - if I roll the inner to find +1 attack speed, the other lines will most likely end up being epic most of the time. Is it realistic to get, say, 20-25% buff duration on the 2nd/3rd line?
    - is actually +1speed AND 20-25% buff more beneficial for a drk than a pure 50% buff? (if anyone has ever come across checking this out, I would say yes but no way to test it before actually rerolling the inner)
    If it can help with anything, dark knight has a base speed of 5, I normally use booster and my main glove has dSI so my standard attack speed is 2 with no green pot and no inner.
    Really in doubt about what to do with it... I appreciate any feedback, a big thanks if you can help me.

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    Default Re: Dark knight's inner ability

    afaik yes

    using honor points, iirc, no, only circs keep the rank of the line, but i can be corrected on this

    this is perfectly feasible

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    Default Re: Dark knight's inner ability

    i can't check atm, but i think it's possible, i do remember dropping my first legendary line to the second slot (44% buff too) and keeping rerolling the top line which was legendary, i don't remember if i had double legendary prior to the patch though, and i had to lock the rank and potential of the legendary one, which dropped it and i ended up with another legendary.

    either way, as it stands i don't think you lose anything by trying? if you only have one legendary line just lock it and have it drop, if the top line doesn't remain legendary then you still have your 44% buff.

  4. Default Re: Dark knight's inner ability

    Well the issue is I'm not sure at all of getting anything useful within 100 rerolls, also because unlike circulators, which give (as far as I remember) only the maximum of each stat (i.e. only 50% buff duration, not any variation between 38%~49%), honor reset gives randomized stat, which creates a huge pool of possible lines, larger than it is with circs, whereas the +att speed remains only the +1 one. Unless I'm mistaken in something, that's basically why I planned to circulate the +1 att speed and then use honor to keep it and try for buff duration (either 25% on 2nd line or, with luck, 40%+ on first one). Rolling with circulators costs a lot so I would like to do it only when I'm sure I can get a good result in one go (maybe by then we even get that black-cube-like system for circulators...), and wanted to stack up all the possible honor before then.
    If all that thing about more difficulty in getting +1 att speed with honor is just my imagination then I might aswell just reroll with honor because yeah 44% is not to throw away... but I still think I would have a better chance at circulating +1 speed rather than moving down %buff and getting the speed with honor. I could reset with honor and aim for +speed on first line but I don't want to risk losing the 44% buff and end up with nothing.

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    Default Re: Dark knight's inner ability

    In a future uptate beholder will decrease the cool down of sacrifice(when attacking a mob), so you would need less %buff duration than now, you can try to get +1att speed after that uptate.



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