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Thread: 5th Job Skills

  1. Default 5th Job Skills

    Okay, I quickly whipped this together using things I've never used before that I don't know very well, but hopefully this is right.

    I was thinking of doing a comparison with the last KMST patch, but that won't happen immediately. And translations are beyond me (well, I'm sure I can do some of them, but that'll take a bit of time too), so I'm sorry for that. No images, I don't possess the skill icons or image hosting services.

    I added some English names, so that might help. Already noticed some errors (probably should've done longest first string replacement, should've known better). I'll add enhancement skills later, those are pretty easy to translate, but there are a lot of them.
    Korean Data
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  2. Default English 5th Job Skills - Common + Warrior

    Now in English. Thanks to @HighOnMushrooms; for most of the translation work.

    They're not sorted super well, just by class. Let me know if you guys see any errors. Already see I misspelled some variable names while typing out the translations, and still haven't implemented string replacement by longest variable name first.

    Common Skills

    Warrior Skills

  3. Default English 5th Job Skills - Magician + Archer

    Magician Skills

    Archer Skills

  4. Default English 5th Job Skills - Thief + Pirate

    Thief Skills

    Pirate Skills



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