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    Hey all. Not sure how many of you out there play arrow-stomping games, but this is exciting news!

    As some of you may know, Konami is finally bringing a new DDR arcade to the US market after pulling out over half a decade ago (the last release in the US was X2 in 2010). Not only that, this is also going to be a nationwide rollout with all Round 1 locations getting cabinets and select Dave & Busters locations getting cabinets also sometime later this month. DDR A is going to be the first DDR game in the US is officially support Konami's eAmusement system.

    My local Round 1 making room!

    The Round 1 location near me (Tukwila, WA) has moved their Pump-It-Up cabinets and Groove Coaster machines to make room and other users has reported that other Round 1s have gotten their cabinets.

    Official Round 1 release schedule:
    7/6: Puente Hills (CA), Moreno Valley (CA), Lakewood (CA), Santa Ana (CA)
    7/8: San Jose (CA)
    7/12: Seattle (WA), Arlington (TX), Grapevine (TX)
    7/13: Bloomingdale (IL)
    7/14: Taunton (MA)
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    Sudden urge to go play stepmania

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    I saw a DDR machine at DnBs just like that last week. But, sadly I suppose it wasn't this one. Well pineapple, time to go back there...

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    A few DnBs in the states got DDRA, as well as a lot of Round 1s are getting it to. Sadly, my local DnB here in Austin won't be getting it. There's some kind of theory that Pump It Up makes enough money and DDRA would split profits, kinda sad imho. However, Pump It Up is a pretty fun game with a very live community here in Austin.

    Right now is a great time for rhythm games, DDRA just dropped in the US and the newest installment of Beatmania IIDX was announced.



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