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Thread: Level 200 NPC's

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    Just need to know if these have been fixed or are able to be set up again yet? I cbf'ed downloading this game just to check, but if they are then I would just to reset mine.


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    access to the halls is still blocked, so apparently still not fixed.

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    Given their track record, I wouldn't count on it ever being fixed. Artasi was the last time I ever heard someone from Nexon talk about wanting to get it fixed and back in the game.

    Although, I'm sure if enough people made KThxBaiNao aware of this he could push for a fix. A thread on reddit might get enough support, but most of the people there are too new to care - their characters wouldn't go there. Half of them probably don't even know such a feature has ever existed.

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    Should have figured; thanks for the replies. Guess I'll never have to download this game again.



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