I'm sorry for the time it took me, and for my grammar it's because english is not my main language.
And I'm also sorry for the size of the review, because I don't have a lot of information about the game because I cant go very far.

Nuclear Throne is a “roguelike-like top-down shooter”, where your objective is to reach the nuclear throne (which I have no idea how it looks, because I'm sure it's impossible to get there).
The game has a lot of different characters, each one with a unique skill, changing totally the way you play, and a lot of weapons. The runs are randomly generated, meaning that no run will be like the other.
But only the controls are easy, the game is super hard, i can't express how hard it is. If dodging the other enemies and killing them wasn't hard enough you also have to manage your bullets because if you run out, you are in a really bad situation.
It also has a Co-op mode and daily/weekly runs with steam ranking.
This is definitely the hardest game I ever played and that's because I wasn't able to get very far in my 5 hours of game play.
So if you like hard games, more like impossible games I certainly recommend that game.

And thanks again for the game.