First impressions as someone that has very little experience with coding outside of HTML before writing the thoughts down.

Given I've only got a few hours with the game, the logic doesn't feel too different from other logic puzzles I've messed around with in the past. In some ways, it feels more like the logic puzzles one might have seen from various magazines over the years. Not quite easy at first, given that the game could have multiple ways to get to a solution in later puzzles. Just for an example of an early puzzle could have a solution as easy as routing the value through a few nodes. I still had at least an idea of the path needed, just not having the an idea of what I needed to make the solution.

I've got no qualms with the graphics or sound. Given the only sound would be from the start up, it isn't that bad having silence in a game every now and again. I wouldn't fail a game that looks and feels more like it would have been actual hardware from the late 1970s to mid 1980s. It looks like

I will give the creators respect for making something where playing the game feels like a nice challenge.