You probably already know Rocket League, but if you never played it before like it was my case until today, I hope you will enjoy my review.

Basically, if you have watched a video about the game, I think you pretty much saw everything. The main mode of the game is very simple, you play a 5 minutes game of soccer with a car in a cage with special boost around. There are 1 versus 1 match up to 4 versus 4.

You can also customize and pimp your car, change its color, add little flags, hats, rims, etc... The customization is purely esthetic and doesn't change you car in game capacity.

There's a tutorial to learn the controls and a single player mode where you play against the computer to basically unlock trophies. I'm still waiting for a friend to play my first real multiplayer match. Also, I didn't had the chance to try the basket and hockey mode.

So far I had a good experience playing the game, it's quite fun even if it's also challenging. The game is overall simple, but it can also be strategic, you can be defensive and wait for an opportunity or go full mode cow-boy and go non stop for the ball.

The matches are fast pace and can be sometimes chaotic, especially at the beginning when your not sure what you are doing. It's an accessible game, but like people say, it's an easy to play, hard to master kind of game.

If you have a chance, you should try the game and make your own opinion.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed my review.

A special thanks to Southperry.net for giving away the game and Happy Independence Day :)