So here we have my first hour and 10 minutes of play time. Surprisingly there was no tutorial but luckily the game doesn't really need to explain much, find the hand icon and you scavenge it for materials. Kind of sucks that at the start my 3 survivors were addicted to Smoking but I won't be enabling them at all.

The game reminds me of the base sections in Xcom but without the indepth combat systems that Xcom has. I soon find myself trading with the visitors and other survivors during scavenge missions, in hind sight I should've used the one character that was good at bartering. This game also really reminds me of Fallout games, mainly due to the trading and collection emphasis.

Seeing that poor woman in the Grocery Store section dragged off to do whatever the soldier wanted her to do was one of the many challenges you'll encounter during your play time. I did not help her mainly because I didn't have a weapon and I figure that his gun was far superior to my fists at the time. Later on you'll see me get a little bit more bold, I wait for a soldier who i traded with to exit the room and then went to stab his friend doing lookout. His gun was a great asset for the future.

Graphically this game really nails it home. I can't think of many other games that really manage to pull off the grim aesthetic of a world where there is a war happening, survivors are scattered and it all feels so hopeless. There is limited graphical options but that's perfectly fine with how they managed to keep the look of all the areas; decayed and somber.

Personally I didn't really notice the sound cues or any music that was playing during missions or hub management, I'll probably have to go through the soundtrack that was so graciously included with the game. I wish more games just included their sound tracks with purchase.

I'm going to give this game a 4/5. I don't generally play strategy games nor indie games much but this one has a special charm about it that I can't help but get absorbed in. Also achievements like candy.

Thank you very much @Eos