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    Not sure if this worth a discussion thread, but in the latest Heroes of Maple update in ChinaMS, they removed the entire Dawnveil continent and changed Tynerum, Commerci and Arboren respectively into an independent area. In this update, Commerci is now an independent theme dungeon dedicated for lvl 140 and above. Everything is remain unchanged so far except you can collect all Pensalir sets and an extra medal which are oh well, better than nothing I guess. Don't worry, you still can get the Sweetwater Set through trading voyages.

    Link to the update

    I think this change is deserved because it doesn't make sense to delve further into Dawnveil anymore when /* Damien is officially dead in Heroes of Maple */ and Masteria got its own blockbuster. Pardon my mistake if I got anything wrong about this because I don't play GMS and am not sure about the difference between Dawnveil and Masteria. This is even more confusing when one of the 5th job advancement NPCs called herself the Masteria's Goddess...
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    Yup, they made it a theme dungeon to avoid inconsistencies with KMS' Masteria.
    In the English localization of act 1 of Heroes of Maple they refer Masteria as Tynerum.

    Also, spoilers in your post.

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    Dawnveil is the entire continent consisting of the 3 areas, but Tynerum (Masteria in other versions) is where the demons are from.

    And that's interesting. I would have loved to see Tynerum get reworked somewhat.

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    What if they are going to put Masteria in KMS , like she's goddess of masteria, so maybe she will eventually show this area .
    Edit: yet i still confused on what exactaly is what

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    Basically, Masteria in GMS consists of New Leaf City, (the now removed) Haunted House, and Crimsonwood.
    The area with Crimsonheart Castle and Shadow Veil Forest (including Gollux) is called Tynerum in GMS, but Masteria everywhere else. This area is where the demons come from.

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    Masteria exists in KMS. It's a theme dungeon I believe.

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    So are there any noteworthy changes to monster stats?

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    Seems like a very interesting update. But I mean to be fair, only Dawnviel and Commerci were linked. And yeah any changes to stats? Make it worth doing?

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    Downloaded CMS, didn't see any differences in monster stats. Oh well.

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    Heroes of Maple was the time to shape Masteria into something good, saddly KMS had no interest in it and turned it into mere a dungeon. With the release of the Road of Vanishing, I guess there is not much point into going backwards to further develop something like Masteria.

    Given everything about it, Commerci is fine being a theme dungeon. Heck they could turn Lith Harbor into Commerci, that would be a great way to bring some life back to that town.

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    I guess in a way this also allows you to do Commerci without the need of finishing those long tedious Gollux quests. We need this now and the music that CMS has for voyages please.

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    So is Gollux going to be less pre quest heavy now?

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    Here's a question. Since it seems we're being hit with this update as well, will Gollux even still exist?

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    Yes, Gollux will still exist. It's just going to be separate from Commerci.



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