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  1. Default Server Relocated

    We've relocated to a new host that provides us about 4x the resources for 1/8th the cost, yay capitalism.

    Some functionality has not been turned back on yet while I try to determine if everything has successfully copied over.

    Outstanding issues -

    • Server Status is down
    • Announce watch is down
    • Patch Watch is down
    • Emails from the server are sort of iffy right now.
    • Image validation is failing

    If you find something broken that isn't on the list please post it here to be looked at.
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  2. Idiot. Male
    IGN: Enfris
    Server: Reboot GMS
    Level: 173
    Job: Evan
    Guild: Forever alone.jpg
    Alliance: Forever alone.jpg

    Default Re: Server Relocated

    I'm getting an error 500 when replying to the Hi-Five thread.

    EDIT: Embedding images seem to be the issue.

  3. Brick Male
    IGN: ZeroCA
    Server: Windia
    Level: 21x
    Job: Zero
    Guild: N/A
    Alliance: N/A
    Farm: ReneMule

    Default Re: Server Relocated

    hearty welcome back

  4. Default Re: Server Relocated

    I believe this is now resolved if someone can confirm.

  5. Default Re: Server Relocated

    When I try to embed an image in quick reply it navigates me away from Southperry or something and tells me it can't handle the request. On Chrome.

  6. Default Re: Server Relocated

    Yeah, apparently I fixed a different bug. That one was missing an entire library and should now be resolved.

  7. Default Re: Server Relocated

    Still doing the same thing on my end, even after ctrl + F5.

  8. Default Re: Server Relocated

    I think I finally got the last piece of that one cleaned out.

  9. Default Re: Server Relocated

    Now just need to figure out why the server itself can send emails just fine but vBulletin cannot

  10. Default Re: Server Relocated

    Ok, I think I finally found the deeply buried IP address that made email work again.



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