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    Hey guys. I thought we might like to do some info gathering on Monster Collection, or at least, I would, anyway. I'm not really in much of a position to do much, but I can at least get the ball rolling.

    I've mostly been using this wiki page as a resource, but I don't really know Korean, so maybe we might get someone better able to translate it.

    But from what I can gather:

    In Section 2: Details, the following points are made:
    - You do not have to kill the canonical version of a mob in order for it to register. Using canonical in an abuse of notation sense, by which I mean the normal version of such a monster, like for example, the Mushmom which spawns outside of Hen. Monster Collection works, I think, on a same appearance/same name basis. Thus, while it's difficult to catch Mushmom by hunting the one that spawns infrequently around Hen, it's relatively easy to spawn massive amounts of Mushmoms in Tangyoon's Kitchen and register it that way. The examples given by the source are that you can kill the Demolisher either at the end of Riena Strait, or in Black Heaven because they have the same name, but the Mihile boss in Monster Park will not register as Mihile in the collection.
    -- An addendum here, I think it's obvious that this probably doesn't apply to monsters outside of KMS, for example, Crimsonheart Castle mobs are the canonical versions, and Phantom Forest/CWK mobs will not register (I believe these, the Crimsonheart Castle mobs, are added in a future patch, if they're not in there already)

    - The Star System:
    1 Star : Normal Monster
    2 Stars : Star Force Monster
    3 Stars : Elite Monster
    4 Stars : PQ Bosses, Other Bosses (?)
    5 Stars : (Major?) Bosses

    The number of stars affects (the source says increases?) the probability of registration, which I guess makes sense, you wouldn't want to need to kill Empress the same amount of times as you would an Orange Mushroom to register.

    In Section 3: Tips, the following points are made:
    - Using a Zero can make it easier to register certain bosses, as they spawn at the end of Mirror World dungeons which you can do as many times as you'd like, rather than free spawning or PQ versions.

    - The Ephinea line of monsters is the easiest Black Box line to complete

    - The best jobs for Monster Collection are Night Lord (because of the mark skill), Mechanic (because of portals), and Zero (because of the aforementioned bosses), with some note about Evan (?).

    - See quote
    In Section 5, monsters are listed by sets, and each set have some miscellaneous notes about the monsters in the set. The names of the monsters are either black for normal mobs, green for elite monsters, red for bosses, or purple, which I can't tell the meaning of.

    The exists data for Monster Collection within the Wz files, but I'm not currently in a position where I'd be able to go through it, figure out the structure, or process it into some meaningful way. At a glance, there appears to be several tooltips associated with either the sets or monsters which don't seem to appear in game, but the basically all just say the same thing, which I can't recall.
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    While I find this system pretty cool, I do feel the inclusion of specific elite mobs is a pretty ridiculous requirement for some sets - wayyyy too much rng involved.

    I also wish there were two means of collecting a monster - the current one where it's just luck based, and another where x amount of kills will guarantee the monsters' collection. I've killed 3 or 4 thousand oblivion monks and they still haven't registered, which is pretty nuts.

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    Oh, that reminds me, I forgot about this Insoya thread, which I think is data on average number of monsters to register (?), spoilers, it's about 3k per mob that's 120+ (?).

    Added to the main post as well.

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    Default Re: Monster Collection

    Another tip I'd like to add: When you poison Magnus in FriendStory, it gets registered into the Monster Collection under Magnus. (Good for players who are too weak to fight Magnus/want to get Magnus at a low level).

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    Today I was trying Tangyoon's Kitchen to see what mobs I could get from it and somthing peculiar happen, out of all the mobs I killed just one was added and it was the snowman, I went to check in what set it was and found it nowhere not even in the "see all" but I saw a monster I know for sure I haven't killed had been added(Eliza being that one) so it makes me wonder if there are other mobs that are not in the collection that would trigger another to be added.

    Edit: Scratch that, I got Eliza from dojo what I got was the snowman that appears at El Nath, so I guess the mob just needs the same name, it can look nothing alike and still be added.

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    From what I heard, it's the kicking soccer balls at FriendStory Magnus that can get Magnus to register.
    You have to alt-F4 out of the game before the timer runs out to retry, though.
    And the "monster has been added" message doesn't show up while you're in that kicking game, so you must relog on another character, check whether Magnus got registered, and then relog on your char in FriendStory to try again (or not).

    Snowman is in the collection: El Nath page 2 row 4, leftmost box. He looks different from the Tangyoon Snowman but the check is by text string, not by mob ID.

    I don't know how you got Eliza.

    Another funny case I know of is the Griffeys in Shadowveil Forest 2 (just outside the Demon Refuge), which register as the Leafre boss Griffey.

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    I'd really like to go back to collecting cards and stuff, and help out here, but unfortunately I can't play until EMS and GMS merges (so that the European IP block gets lifted).

    If you guys want me to check stuff out to analyse, do let me know. I'll try not to be so verbose like my previous posts hahah.


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    An issue with this is that some mobs cannot be obtained through alternate means because of typos in their names. For example, some iterations of mobs have an s at the end of their name.

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    Default Re: Monster Collection

    which ones

  10. Default Re: Monster Collection

    The Red Dragon Turtle in Monster Park, Homun in Mirror World (both have an s at the end), Mithril Mutae in Magatia has a space and a lowercase m in "Mutae", among other things.

    Normal Zakum also has Zakum1 as its name, despite the current Zakum just being called "Zakum".

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    I have a question - how does it count for, say, bosses in a party (or killing anything in a party for that matter)? Does only the one who struck the killing blow/did the most damage get the chance to register, or is it an equal chance for everyone alive at the end of the fight and present in the map?



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