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    Well, I made the thread last year, and apparently nobody made it this year so I'll make it again.

    Favorite game(s)?
    Least favorite game?
    Game that you thought was going to be great but disappointed you?
    Game you still aren't sure about?
    Favorite conference(s)?
    Least favorite conference?
    Anything surprise you?
    Thoughts overall on the entire event?
    Reasons why?

    For me, my favorite was Nier Automata because of the gameplay video, the boss battle they previewed was what I've been waiting for from Taro since I finished DoD1 way back when it came out; he now has a great battle system to complement the amazing storyline (minus DoD2) and OST that his games have traditionally had. Zelda looked really good but I feel like for the amount of hype it has it's overrated a bit, it should have won as best in show as it did, I will agree, but not by as large a margin as it did.

    Biggest disappointment had to be Scalebound, I was expecting good things from it so it felt bad to see how clunky and unintuitive the combat was, and the dialogue was cringy as pineapple. For that same dialogue reason, GoW4 was also terrible; I expected nothing from it because I don't like shooters anyway, but what the pineapple is with this new trend of handholding baby dialogue that tells you what to do every step of the way instead of letting you figure it out for yourself?

    FFXV is the main game I'm still on the fence about; it's missing something, every video I see of it cements that idea in me further. The combat doesn't feel...engaged, at all. It feels like the player's attacks have zero impact on the enemy, and I don't like that. We will see where it goes as it approaches release.

    Favorite conference was hands down Sony's, it had better hosting overall that made it feel like they were talking to you on an individual level, which increased the immersion of the event as a whole, and obviously the orchestra was pineappleing awesome. Their conference actually felt like a real event and not just a slideshow of games like all the others did, even if the games weren't all to my liking (VR segment) the presentation was phenomenal and that's what e3 should be about. The game whose name escapes me with the huntress main character where you are fighting corrupted robots looked really good and surprised me, I hadn't seen anything about that before the event.

    Least favorite were Microsoft and Ubisoft. Microsoft because IT TRIGGERED THE pineapple OUT OF ME HOLY pomegranate, every time they said "exclusive to xbox one AND windows 10", which was EVERY pineappleING GAME, I lost my pomegranate. NO, THAT IT NOT WHAT EXCLUSIVE MEANS, YOU pomegranateS. Ubisoft because see next complaint.

    Overall, the entire conference was forcing muh diversity a bit too much for my liking, but only Ubisoft actually ruined their conference with it. Watchdogs 2 makes me want to end it, it was so bad it hurt my teeth, that same kind of pain you get from nails scraping on a chalkboard. I also feel that they should not have brought up the shooting, the event is a homage to a medium that allows you to escape real life, nobody wants to hear about that pomegranate, we all already knew about it and even a single mention of it is superfluous; we get it, you are devastated, just like everyone else in the world, just talk about your video games and shut up on the sociopolitical front. I feel like this year's e3 would get a C- overall, and that's only because Sony managed to pull the average up so far. I didn't really have an enjoyable time watching any of the others, and I don't think it's just because I've gotten old and jaded, I enjoyed previous e3's a lot more than this one and felt the urge to stay up and watch the whole thing, I just slept whenever for this one and watched videos of the streams later.

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    E3 was all around mediocre, so mediocre nintendo managed to win with a single game.

    VR is also still just a gimmick and i have yet to see a game that utilizes it well rather than just throwing VR onto a game as an after-thought or making a gimmick game that'll get old after an hour of palying.

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    EA is EA
    Ubisoft is Ubisoft
    Microsoft was meh. All this "Xbone and W10 Exclusive" stoof basically told everyone "Why buy an Xbone when you can just buy the game on PC and save yourself the trouble?"
    Sony was arguably the best IMO. All the VR talk made me tune out pretty fast during those parts though.
    Nintendo was extremely boring IMO. I mean it was cool seeing the new Zelda, but it was such a snoozefest.

    This entire E3 was really hit or miss. I barely remember much of it now.

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    Sony was the best, for the sheer amount of awesome games they showed. Nintendo very close second, but had only pokemon and zelda to offer. Every other conference was crap (Bethesda had some cool stuff I suppose). I agree that NieR automata looks totally awesome. I was also surprised at how different the new god of war will play.
    Zelda Breath of the Wild was the best game, easily. Seriously that map looks bigger than the Xenoblade Chronicles one. The gameplay looks amazing, and will be totally different from any other Zelda game. Very nice to see my favorite serie get a breath of fresh air.

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    Sony won E3 once again.
    Nintendo is always interesting, pokemon GO next month. hype!
    Microsoft / Xbox meh. Tekken 7 i guess? yay. had some good games but not overly excited about them.
    Fell asleep during EA.

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    I was grateful for the 12 minutes of Persona 5 footage that fuel my dependency until February. Breath of the Wild looks, different. I'm interested to see what they do with it.

    Still sad Paper Mario is dead though.

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    I feel like if Nintendo hadn't spent the majority of their show just playing the new Pokemon their show would have been much better. If they only had 2 games to show, they should have spent 5 minutes on that and the rest of the time on Zelda, there were plenty of other things they could have shown, especially if that map I've seen posted online that compares the great plateau with the size of the rest of the map as a grid is even close to legitimate in scope. Even if they didn't have anything else to show with the gameplay yet, they could have spent another 30 minutes just doing panorama views of a bunch of the other regions, that's the kind of thing I enjoy from open world stuff like this.

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    Nintendo treehouse is a multi-day event, nintendo didn't have a traditional conference, they just had the nintendo treehouse going on for some days.
    They played pokémon and zelda the first day, and then they showcased multiple other games the next day. Also they definitely spent the majority of the time on zelda, not pokémon.

    I mean i got to see more of Ever Oasis than i did almost any other game at E3 that wasn't a nintendo game, i actually got to see gameplay and what the game was like. I prefer that a billion times more than what the rest are doing.

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    The two main things I was excited about were Dragon Quest VII getting a release date and the crossplay thing giving me hope that maybe some of the games I like that aren't ported to PC will be playable on PC.

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    I felt like the Pokemon segment lasted forever. Did they play more of Zelda the next day? I only watched the first day of it.

    While I like gameplay I also like some form of theatrics, gets me into it a bit more. What most of them did was just show trailers, which is definitely not what anyone wants, but Sony did show mainly gameplay segments for the first half of their conference and at the end, the only stuff that was mainly trailers was the VR pomegranate that nobody cares about anyway.

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    Even on the first day the quantity of zelda gameplay/footage was far far far more than any amount of pokémon, and yes they played more the next day too.

    I think the problem most people have is that they expected a conference from nintendo when all nintendo was doing this year was nintendo treehouse + an introduction from reggie.

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    Nah I knew they were gonna do that, that's what they did last year right, just the treehouse? I can't remember, but I know they did at least one full day of treehouse last year, maybe two. I disliked the new pokemon because it handholds too much too, a friend of mine who has been obsessively into the games since red/blue came out said the new bar at the bottom that shows effectiveness of skills was terrible when I showed it to him. Why even play the game or learn the elemental strengths/weaknesses if the game will tell you everything anyway? There won't be any surprises in battles due to people forgetting something anymore, and that's half the battle, making sure you don't mess up and hoping the opponent does, it's not like pokemon gives a ton of diversity on that front to begin with.

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    If you genuinely think a better UI that gives you more information is a bad thing then idk what to say.
    The new pokémon UI is great and a huge improvement. Giving the player more information(Especially wrt stat changes) and a more clean UI isn't handholding, it's just something the games have needed since forever. Everyone i've talked with agrees that it's a huge improvement, like who the pineapple cares if people can see what is and what isn't effective? It helps new players and it doesn't effect people who have played since the start at all.

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    We can agree to disagree then, everyone I've talked to has disliked it as well up until this conversation. The more simplified a game gets, the more boring it becomes; the only things that can hold my attention anymore are more complex systems where you have to work hard to figure out how things work because the devs don't spoonfeed you any of the information. It generally does not matter to older players, yes, but those older players had to memorize tables and charts the hard way, I feel like taking that away from new players is taking most of the fun of the game away from them. Maybe if it were an option, but even that is iffy, people might take the option without realizing how much it hurts the experience of playing through the game in the long run.

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    Holy pomegranate m8
    You actually think this makes pokémon more simplified? You actually thought remembering the type match-ups was complex?
    If you were serious about pokémon and playing against people who were serious about pokémon then remembering type advantages would be the last thing that'd give you an advantage. Giving players information that should by all means be readily available (Even pineappleing pokémon showdown gives the players information wrt stat changes and what not) is not spoonfeeding and you didn't have to work HARD to figure out type advantages.

    Like seriously, memorize tables and charts the hard way? The HARD way? This pomegranate was easy as pineapple and was never going to determine a battle between people who cared about playing competitively. And this is not at all 'taking away most of the fun' for new players, i can assure you new players weren't thinking "wow i get to try and figure out an arbitrary type advantage system' as opposed to finding their fun through catching and training pokémon and assembling their own team.

    Seriously, what the pomegranate.

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    Now you can dedicate more of your attention towards decision making. I'm not really seeing how this is making the game worse, it just leaves you more mental capacity for actually making decisions.



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