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Thread: EMS vs GMS

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    Hey guys! Long time since I posted around here. Since EMS is going to migrate I was wondering if anyone could point out what does EMS have that GMS doesnt have and viceversa. Im not too happy with the idea of migrating servers, but part of me would like to know what will really change around with my stuff.

    I know stuff like Darkness Rings (from veracent), Supreme Medals, Veracent itself and flames could be gone. But thats about it. So if anyone with some experience in both servers could point them out I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.


    PD: Also I happen to have some Cash Dragon Spirit Earrings that had some slots on it, did gms ever got them?

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    We did not get the dragon spirit earrings, no. We also do not have additional options, so all of those will most likely be wiped from your equipment... which is a damn shame.

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    Oh ems has hekaton? Well that's probably going to get removed unless they've worked out the bugs regarding it and will release it to global.

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    I just hope we get the eu exclusive areas like veracent :(

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    I was wondering, if flame would come to GMS, would they remove nebulite or sorta? i mean if we had both would be too OP , flames benefit all players in general, while nebulites more the pro ones, nebulites with 3% are expensive while a flame could give you that for less than (300-400m), i just don't know if nexon NA would really do that since they depend on the whales, who actually benefit with the nebulite system ; the only real good nebs are the 20%/25%boss and the decent skills one
    I don't know if we would even get the max of 25 stars too , i hardly expect that.

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    We will more than likely not get the additional options system. Nexon doesn't like giving out free damage through in game means, and despite these creating a new market that's profitable and usable by everybody, the players are convinced that these are bad "power creep" and make things more "complicated" despite it being about as simple a system as scrolling or cubing. The community at large is full of ignoramuses who think they know what's best for the game whilst simultaneously shooting themselves in the feet. Repeatedly.

    Buuuut I'm going off on a rant, so!

    Bottom line: 99% likely you are going to lose the AO lines on your equipment.

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    How pay2win are nebs? its like 100% pay2win?. I really know nothing about gms haha. Is comerci stil a thing? those 160 face/eye are from there right?

    I think im gonna be a bit of a clueless noob again whenever they merge ems haha. But ow, I hope the new things gives something to make mesos from. At least I know things like gollux will be some economy boost for a bit. Unless its super simple to do and every casual noob can take it down. Then we gonna be still stuck.

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    I'd say 90% Pay2win. You can get the boxes via hunting and doing Alien PQ, but nebs from said boxes are absolute trash and need to be fused using NX. Besides, the best A Nebulites are acquired from Marvel Machine and Gachapon. Commerci and Gollux are still a thing friendly for even less funded maplers.



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