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Thread: [Update EMS] Patch Available - EMS 1.17

  1. Default Patch Available - EMS 1.17

    Nexon posted a patch for EMS version 116 upgrade to version 117.
    You may download this patch from their official site and begin creating your pre-patcher now.
    Extractions and database updates will be forthcoming (if supported)!

    Size: 1145435908 (bytes) (1092.37 mb)

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  2. Default Re: Patch Available - EMS 1.17

    Holy crap, that's a lot of catching up.

  3. Default Re: Patch Available - EMS 1.17

    The 6 months of waiting was terrible. Hope this one pays out.

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    Default Re: Patch Available - EMS 1.17

    I will extract a bit what I can. I will see what I can expect tomorrow in my EMS :D

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    The first steps with EMS merging with GMS anyone?

  6. Default Re: Patch Available - EMS 1.17

    The GMS staff already made it pretty clear that we wont be getting additional options because we already have nebs, so it would hurt the unfunded of EMS. Then again they also said perm pendant slots and perm hyper teleport rocks weren't coming back. I guess in this case The former "loses" them money and the latter gains them a lot of money.

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    EMS isn't merging with GMS. This is just EMS getting better management and finally getting the updates it deserves. Hopefully it brings popularity back to EMS, since people probably left due to slow updates.

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    Nebs suck in comparison with additional options much harder to obtain decent ones compared with getting good stats from additional options. But what I mean is they are already merging support and some of the other games. It seems this update will bring it up to date with GMS in terms of content then they would only have to add the additional content from EMS. In my opinion additional options would make people more likely to play the game and boss more often and hunt for gear through that as stats can be randomised and if more people play then it's more fun and more people would bring more money not give them less money. It's not like additional options gives insane extra amounts of damage.....

    @Gymleaders sure no official word on that yet but look at what is happening at Nexon.

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    With that logic, them constantly raising the damage cap and making classes stronger over time should make people want to keep playing the game... But it doesn't. Power creep doesn't make people want to play games.

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    I just want to point out accelerated updates is exactly what happened with Hong Kong MS before it merged with Taiwan MS.

  11. Default Re: Patch Available - EMS 1.17










    Sorry I can't get 'detailed' map names. Also their is some stuff that does not get translated but this is the extraction :)

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    I'd definitely welcome our EMS friends if they did do that. It'd be unfortunate latency wise if they did though. HK and TW are a lot closer together than NA and EU.

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    Why are you assuming that if EMS and GMS merged in to one game client that GMS wouldn't have an EU server? It could be like maplesea with two gateways. Or one gateway but it would just have one EU server instead of two like EMS has.

    Also I play GMS from Europe as I have an old account before EMS was around it's fine just pvp content is a problem like boss arena.

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    Yeah but its ways of increasing damage while not directly increasing their revenue so they're going to see that and say "no way we want people to spend their money on cubes and neb fusion tickets". I know what additioanl options are and how they'd most likely make things less p2w but its not something GMS is looking to implement, so even with a merge the EMS players would be losing quite a bit.

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    I just assume that because didn't they have an east coast server too that they ended up getting rid of? Unless El Nido is still East Coast, then nevermind.

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    I guess it still is but just that's like having an NA server in two locations so what would that have to do with the thoughts of a EU server not existing if EMS merged with GMS?

    Also if AO did exist in GMS then I doubt that would take away from Neb profits....... The funded people would still buy them who buy nx and the people who can't won't.

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    Default Re: Patch Available - EMS 1.17

    El Nido was only on the East Coast for a few months before it got moved to the California server farm.
    The cost of keeping it on the east coast (meaning: rent, electricity, internet, and some kind of tech staff) was not worth it.
    If GMS and EMS combined (which the current notices do NOT indicate), it would also be in an attempt to cut costs, and I suspect they wouldn't want to keep a server and its attendant expenses in Europe.
    GMS already serves people all over the world, anyway. A few more users compalining about their latency wouldn't bother NexonNA in the least.
    Furthermore, if GMS and EMS combined, Nexon would want to use that opportunity to boost population sizes in the existing GMS servers while giving the Europeans more people to interact with as well. Keeping the European players on a European server would not really help with that.



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