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    The S&M thing literally doesn't matter. Caring about that is incredibly idiotic tbh, also pokémon day and night sounds retarded compared to sun and moon.

    Also as for the google searches, people can literally put safe search on to exclude potentially NSFW stuff, because let me tell you, just searching gardevoir with safesearch off leads me to some weird pomegranate already. Pokémon tits are literally the 8th image i see when i google for it.

    So who pineappleing cares of S&M also means something sexual and is a term for something relating to BDSM? DP can also mean double penetration which is also a fairly stock standard porn terminology, but who pineappleing cares about that. Nowadays you can barely put two letters together for an acronym without it already representing another acronym meaning something else.

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    I'm just saying that I find it to be a pretty hilarious oversight on the part of their marketing department is all.

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    You're on the internet. Literally everything can and will be made into an innuendo or some sort of sexual joke. It's likely not an oversight, they just didn't care.

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    I googled it and this was the worst that came up (aside from a Psyduck in a bondage outfit)

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    The amount of people carrying on about how it could be misconstrued is way higher than the amount of people actively making jokes about the shorthand. Just some food for thought on who the real dirty minds are in this situation.

    Also the amount of amusement I'm getting out of people actually up in arms about this is like waking up on Christmas morning.

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    Just googled it. The website results are fine, flooded with concerns about the unfortunate abbreviation. The image search however is a little less safe, though thankfully most of the images are still SFW.

    EDIT: Turned on safesearch, the offending images are still there. What on earth...

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    More new Pokemon.

    First one is Tapu Koko, Electric/Fairy. Ability is Elec Maker, instantly changes the field to Electric Terrain when it's sent out. For those paying attention during the E3 gameplay, this is the guardian Pokemon that was mentioned at the festival.

    Next are Charjabug and its evolution, Vikavolt, both are Bug/Electric. These are Grubbin's evolved forms, as well.

    The dragon is Drampa, Normal/Dragon. Its ability is called Frenzy, seems to be a Sp.Atk boost at critical HP.

    Fish is Bruxish, Water/Psychic. Its ability is Dazzle, which prevents moves with increase priority from hitting.

    Tiny bug is Cutiefly, Bug/Fairy.

    Hedgehog is Togedemaru, Electric/Steel. Ability is Lightning Rod.

    Last bit is just showing that Zygarde 50% can turn into Perfect Zygarde at critical HP like with Zygarde 10%.
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    More new stuff, again. Don't really feel like doing a text recap, I've had to explain this stuff in Serebii's chat enough times as is :V

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    SuMo finally being released tonight at midnight! Let the adventuring begin!*



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