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  1. Default Hayato's attack speed

    So Fafnir Raven Ring speed is 5, with Katana booster(-2) and Battoujutsu stance(-1), it became 2 cap.
    Q1) So is it no point to get any more attack speed if I don't use MPE Green potion?

    Q2) Is Shinsoku affected by these attack speed thing? I found that it should work for melee key-down skill.
    "So looks like ranged/projectile attacks are not affected, but melee attacks are. "

  2. Default Re: Hayato's attack speed

    A great way to test attack speed is to buy a scarecrow summoning sack from Mu Lung Dojo and using that to test your damage/hits per second.

  3. Default Re: Hayato's attack speed

    Attack speed is likely only to affect the startup of shinsoku and not the actual attack rate.

  4. Default Re: Hayato's attack speed

    Skills with internal delays are not affected by IAS. As such, most rapidattack-type skills will not be affected.

    Projectile-based skills depend more on rate of contact of projectile hit-box, and indirectly depend on the rate of projectile formation. Unfortunately, skills like Arrow Platter do have an internal delay (far as I remember seeing what few extractions there are), so IAS is quite pointless.

    Even if IAS does work on rapidattack skills, those that are affected would either 1) require significantly long delays e.g. Lumi's Spectral Light, or 2) require an enormous amount of IAS to provide enough delay reduction to hit 30ms breakpoint and go past the ceiling function.

    I say once again after many times, IAS is the only variable that gives increasing returns with more IAS. A hard cap for IAS isn't insensible tbh... (I just think Nexon thinks the codes don't like negative numbers)




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