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Thread: [Update KMS] Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

  1. Default Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Nexon posted a patch for KMST version 1031 upgrade to version 1032.
    You may download this patch from their official site and begin creating your pre-patcher now.
    Extractions and database updates will be forthcoming (if supported)!

    Size: 130026193 (bytes) (124.00 mb)

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  2. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Quality of life stuff, 13th anniversary, Pink Bean job's back, among other changes.

  3. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Yeah lots of QoL stuff.

  4. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Lol, Boss Arena is removed. Expected, considering how all KMS jobs have emblems now. Glad I never bothered getting an emblem from there.

  5. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Oh my god there's so many useful changes! You can drop items while in combat and you can take out pets while on ropes now :')

  6. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    My partner and I did on our Hayatoginners, since they can't use any others. Also, the non-KMS classes don't have Emblems as well unless those were added recently and I missed it.

  7. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    All jobs of KMS origin have emblems now, added a few months ago. Non-KMS jobs don't have any yet, though.

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    > Lots of QoL changes.
    > Monster Life is not in the list.
    > Guess Nexon are pretty much done with ML along with other abandoned contents, do they?

    Sometimes I really wonder if I should stop farming already considering I have reached lvl 40 and gotten all the pipsqueak monsters long ago.

    Now what I do in ML is basically collecting every single Warus, converting them into Monster Life coins and buying the Monster Life boxes in hope of getting Pipsqueak Heroes Transformation Potions.

  9. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Just now remembered we had a Monster Life. Did people ever asked for it to come to Global?

  10. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    No idea about that since it is so old already, but I can see that many people have dedicated their efforts in designing their own farms, and even until today there's still a handful of people playing Monster Life (at least this is what I have observed in MSEA).

    Also, Monster Life only exists in KMS, GMS and MSEA. I do think that Nexon have been considerate when implementing the contents in their regional servers like how Auction House and Bamon League are only exclusive to KMS and not to mention that Reboot world is entirely excluded in MSEA due to its alleged buggy and chaotic situation in other servers.

    Speaking about Bamon League, do KMS players still bother about it to date? I wonder how these monster collection systems are going to conflict with each other considering:

    1) KMS has its Monster Collection system newly released in Heroes of Maple
    2) Both GMS and JMS have Crusader Codex
    3) Both CMS and TWMS share their own monster collection system, more info here: CMS TWMS

    Also, I found out that the monster collection system in CMS/TWMS is the best of both worlds because not only you can collect your monsters as usual, each monster has its own potential and you can summon the monsters to aid you in battle like Crusader Codex, you can even upgrade your monsters by combining them like you do in Monster Life. They even incorporate potential system in it so if you want to get the highest possible potentials for your monsters, cube for it.

    In short, this monster collection system is a substitution of their missing Crusader Codex and Monster Life. So in my opinion, if Nexon wants to omit Monster Life already, they could compensate us ML elites through this new system, just that this system has its flaws as well, i.e. it contains some pay-to-win elements (you gotta pay if you want to get higher-tier monsters).
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    Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    There's no crusader codex, never been (monster book doesn't count).
    Bamon league was shortly removed after FLY.
    Also the KMS system is the best, red and black boxes ftw.

  12. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    I believe the system in CMS/TMS is the updated familiar book system from JMS, which, seeing that it also includes the Codex drop tables and sets, probably is the best version.

    Hardly. I'd rather have the dynamic drop tables from Crusader Codex. Oh, and the potential is nice too.

  13. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    I'd like to see the Codex be updated so that there's more incentive to collecting sets, instead of just having everyone go for Leafre and never touching it again.

  14. Lead Ball
    IGN: Watt
    Server: 루na
    Level: 235
    Job: Luminous
    Guild: 깜찍
    Alliance: 깜찍qkff
    Farm: 에디

    Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Well I enjoy getting trait potions (11k exp, rare but can happen), red flames and cubes along with some other nice stuff I haven't gotten yet occasionally, I guess it depends on the person as I'm used to this lol and it gives out a good amount of mileage (which can buy me a lot of things in the cash shop) and money thus making the game so easy as I can just login every 24 hours, click on a bunch of boxes get the rewards get off and get a bit stronger despite doing nothing.

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    Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    it only took them 13 years to remove arrows from drop tables but at least they finally bothered to do it.

  16. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Yeah, those are really nice things, but it's just not as good for me. Ideally, I'd hope we wouldn't have to choose, but I kinda feel as if we're going towards Monster Collection replacing Crusader Codex. I don't even know why they bothered adding all those new entries if they weren't going to let the cards drop (this lack of updates is what really makes me think they're just gonna let it die when Monster Collection comes out), and I also kinda feel like they'd rather we didn't have dynamic drop tables.

  17. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Notify didn't catch the new update, but there is a new version (1.2.33) available. It's... 5.6 GB large.

  18. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Just wow. Maybe they're finally optimizing the game and getting rid of unused clutter?

  19. Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    There are speculations about it containing 5th job data. I don't know, it seems a bit excessive even for a major update.
    It is possible that it could be a compressed client.

    EDIT: A notice just came out. The new update is about optimization and therefore the capacity is reduced. 1.78 GB less.
    And they added old events. ~_~

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    Default Re: Patch Available - KMST 1.2.32

    Did they take it down?
    I'm getting a 404 on



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