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  1. Default Looking for help identifying Music

    Hello all, I just got done ripping the Music from MapleStory 3DS. The only issue is... I don't know all of it!

    I got around 2/3s of the way with MapleStory 3DS, if someone can help identify the rest that would be helpful.

    I also got done ripping MapleStory DS (converting midis are a pain), but I haven't started identifying it. If anyone wants to start here you go:
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    SN001927 - Crack in the Wall (Alistar boss fight song from ludi PQ)
    SN001926 - Final Fight (Zakum boss fight song after you sacrifice the eye of fire)
    SN001923 - One card BGM (?)
    SN001916 - One of the golden temple maps
    SN001016 - Pianus BGM
    SN001005 - Sounds nice but idk what it is (probably for credits/cutscene somewhere in the game)
    SN001001 - Nice piano piece too but doesn't feel like it belongs in maplestory....probably a soundtrack for cutscene
    SN000029 - Can't remember the exact location but it's somewhere in mines at eldelstein

    BG012 - Similar to "Outside Eos Tower" from Maplestory
    BG020 - Similar to Lith Harbor town theme from Maplestory
    BG028 - Similar to "Crack in the Wall" from Maplestory
    BG040 - Similar to Henesys town theme from Maplestory
    BG047 - Similar to BGM of the maps south of Ellinia prior to big bang from Maplestory
    BG051 - Has parts similar to El Nath BGM from Maplestory
    BG053 - Similar to Dead Mine BGM from Maplestory (El Nath)
    BG059 - Similar to Kulan Field BGM (Omega Sector map)
    BG061 - Similar to Omega Sector BGM from Maplestory
    BG063 - Forgotten Path of Time from deep under clock tower in ludi (this one is the minor scale one--there's also one in a major scale for the maps before it)
    BG066 - Sharenian Guild PQ interior BGM (?)
    BG076 - Rip off of original Maplestory opening theme (duh)

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    SN001008 is a shortened version of Herb Town's Red Nosed Pirate Den.
    SN001902 is the alternate login BGM (the one not available in GMS).
    SN001907 is one of the old PVP BGMs.
    SN001916 is another Golden Temple BGM.
    SN001922 is the Black Mountain area of Korean Folk Town.
    SN001923 is from the Wolf and Sheep event, as well as One Card.
    SN001926 is the old Zakum boss battle BGM (when summoned).
    SN001927 is the Alishar BGM (TheyMenacingYou)
    SN000029 is a BGM from Neo Tokyo and Neo City's airships.



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