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    Interesting... Potion pot in reboot. I wonder what this is still good at doing? I feel like it's a smaller advantage that actually having a pet, however, so I don't care too much.

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    Potion Pot is good at saving inventory space and potions in general. Especially at those bosses where you need to keep your HP topped up due to 90% HP attacks, it saves you power elixirs by only using up as much HP as you need to recover, even when you use it at 95%.

    However, last I heard it was glitched, and would occasionally lock up all controls until you restart the client. Not something you want happening in a boss fight...

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    I was actually just thinking yesterday that I wish we had potion pots on Reboot so I can do something with all my reindeer milk and sunrise dews, and I bought one, and an embiggener with the spare NX I had.

    On the other hand, I can't help but think, "Is this okay, or is the top of a slippery slope?"

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    Personally, and this is just my opinion, I don't see an issue with it. The only thing that's come to a general concensus that's required in Reboot is a pet. Yeah it kind of sucks to have to buy a pet with real money (or save up all your maple points) but honestly that's pretty miniscule in the grand scheme. I think things like extra features like potion pots, nx covers, chair gacha, or anything else that doesn't affect game play (EX: It's not REQUIRED to beat content) is perfectly fine, and should be encouraged as a way for those in reboot who wish to show that they do support the server. If they offered more such as more nx covers or premium suprise boxes or whatever, i think it would be fine.

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    I dont think they can get away with much without a lot of push back, I mean the community got rid of meso sacks before the world even came out, but since I havent been keeping up with reboot I dont know if they reintroduced them (since I've heard nothing about it im pretty sure they havent). So the community could try to pull a move if they really wanted.

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    I think it's okay too, but I can't exactly describe how I'm feeling about this.

    It's sort of like, we may think Potion Pots are fine and we have a clear idea on what should and should not be allowed on Reboot. On the other hand, Nexon may think that, if we're fine with potion pots, we might be fine with say, meso sacks, or some other... well jump in logic to us, but perfectly consistent for Nexon. This is just me being overcautious, though. I'm not too confident on the ability of the players to push back on these things like they did with meso sacks as time goes on, and if the things leading up to it are relatively minor, incremental steps.

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    IGN: SaptaZapta
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    As long as it's not bugged to neglect potion cooldown or avert death, Potion Pot is just a convenience that saves you a slot or two of power elixirs.
    On the other hand, pet Auto-HP, in and of itself, is arguably an actual gameplay advantage.

    I'd have been happier if Reboot Cash Shop was purely cosmetic, and let all "convenience" items be purchasable with meso (as Hyper Rocks and Safety Charms already are), but the only thing that really angers me is the pets themselves. Having a looting pet is essential, not "convenience", and keeping them NX-only is keeping Reboot Pay2Play.
    Now, clearly Pay2Play of about $10 a year is infinitely better than F2P-turned-P2W that can cost thousands of dollars, but for Nexon who takes pride in pioneering Free2Play and "never" going the subscription route, Reboot is quite hypocritical.

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    Well ideally the Community Manager can have a feel for how the community feels about certain items, such as meso sacks, and what have you. I believe that Kthxbainow is doing a pretty good job of understanding what the community wants in terms of reboot's CS, he got several items added that were pretty wanted and has keep the meso sacks out of reboot so far. If it continues this way then I don't really see an issue with it. I understand your feeling though. It's a pretty slippery slope between minor things like potion pots to something seriously pay to win like meso sacks.

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    @SaptaZapta; the really, REALLY dumb thing of it is, looting didn't used to lag. At all. The game used to let you loot alost as fast as pets do wayyyy back before pets were a thing. "Strangely" enough, shortly after pets were put into the CS players were no longer able to loot very fast. It definitely isn't a lag issue as well, it was an intentional change made to the game.

    Call me Tin foil hat McGee, but that's honestly where your anger should be, not being forced to pay 2 bucks or whatever every 3 months. You spend more on a damn cup of coffee. (Though I understand that some countries literally cannot access NX, which makes this a legitimate reason to be annoyed.)

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    Just a note that looting, potting, teleporting, sitting on a chair/down/whatever... these were always coded right from day 1 to require a response from the server before allowing you to execute another action (any of the previously stated actions, as well as attacking or using any attacking skills). It's either bandwidth/speed, server response, poor server-side coding or poor client response that's responsible for all that lag. I don't think I need to say which of the 4 I wouldn't bet my money on.

    IMO, potion pot is no different from pet potting, so I don't agree with having potion pot in Reboot CS. Essentially, there shouldn't be items available in Reboot CS that would directly affect your non-cosmetic gameplay in Reboot.


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    i believe you used to be able to start looting another item without having to wait for the first item you looted to finish the whole process. so it was easy to loot a large pile of stuff by just walking past it and holding down z.

    now you have to wait for the server to reply that you successfully looted before you can start to loot another item. servers slightly laggier also and now it multiplies with each item you need to loot. the lag delay used to be in parallel, now it is consecutive.

    even with a pet, still annoying since not all maps are perfectly flat

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    A lag spike stops that process even though it seems like looting was "free and easy by holding Z down". Basically anything that appears on the lower RHS of your screen requires a server reply.




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