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  1. Default So did the GM do good?

    If I was in the Gm's position I would have chalked it up to a consequence of resolving the issue, or have told the person that you would have to log into his account. I have never heard of a GM logging into an account to resolve something, really, in any game, that and be concerned over an FM spot. To the point of forcefully dcing someone, doesn't make much sense to me. I feel there hasn't been much discussion on it since the spot was taken by a spot 'seller', rather than someone actually trying to sell something, but I felt the situation was handled very poorly.

    To top it all off, the CM comes off as a smug brat about the ign shenanigans. Not really that surprising though considering his ludicrous juvenile name. Honestly I think he's lying about the ticket, I literally can't think of any circumstance where an item would have to be manually researched on the character.

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    Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    I've had GM Atquei get on my character to check God-knows-what while investigating a ticket (which was eventually resolved to my satisfaction, even though he had to do some work for it - but not on my char).
    I've also read other people say things like, "When I logged in my PIC had been reset and the game told me I was on a different IP. Was I hacked?", which are indicative of a GM logging on their character.
    They do do it. I don't know why.

    I find Sr. GM Atquei's behavior in this case quite odd, on two counts:
    1. He doesn't want the user he's investigating to lose his FM spot. Fair enough. But why does a random passerby have to lose his spot to make up for it?
    2. Why on Earth would he expect anyone to vacate their spot just because someone comes into their shop saying, "I'm a GM"?
    After he proved his identity, though, the player's response was juvenile. "LOL" "Do it again!" I'm sure the GMs are overworked and have no time for this sort of thing. So, if we ignore point (1) above, the GM had little choice but to disconnect him.

    As for the CM... eh, he's a kid. He's living everyMapler's dream of "I wanna be a GM": banning baddies, smega'ing his Wizet hat, summoning monsters in towns, having everybody clamoring for his attention whenever he logs in. That line about the IGN is part of the same power trip, but I'm not sure he's aware of it. He thinks he was just making a joke. He feels at home on the subreddit and posts all sorts of nonsense over there.
    I assume that in the office he's also doing the grownup part of the job with paperwork and meetings and all that stuff. On the Nexon forums he also posts quite formally (and rarely). But on the subreddit he feels he doesn't need to. Or felt, we'll see whether this incident changes anything.

    Frankly, I don't much care about CM demeanor. The only question I care about is whether he can get Nexon to do what the game needs done.

  3. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    This whole thing is being blown up way out of proportion. Are people bored or something?

    FM spot isn't a big deal, for either side.
    The CM is a little immature? Well, that's what most people wanted. Someone more like them.

    Michael is already suffering the inevitable CM fate -- he posted on Twitter about how the community's opinion of him changed. I expect he'll either suck it up and only post professionally now, or give up and move on. If he tries to stick with his carefree attitude on Reddit, he's bound to get more backlash.

  4. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    The spot thing doesn't make much sense to me unless of course the person was still on the account when the GM told him he needed to get on it like sapta said happen to her and the person told the GM his concern about losing the spot (maybe even telling him he paid for it) so the GM had little choice but to try to secure the spot till the issue was resolved, though how the GM would contact the person after being done to give back the spot confuses me.

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    Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    I don't think the GM would have gotten on the person's account if they'd said "but I don't want to lose my spot." He'd have just moved on to another ticket and gotten back to that guy at some other time.
    BTW, when Atquei wanted to get on my account he just d/ced me. He claims he whispered me first, and since I didn't answer he assumed I was AFK. So if this person set up shop and went AFK, Atquei might have done the same to him - and then when he logged in and found himself in FM he realized the problem.
    I guess they have instructions to leave characters exactly as they found them after such "investigations" (unless they find something amiss, obviously), so he wanted to put the shop back up.

  6. Default Re: So did the GM do good?


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    Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    What, people can't handle the bantz?

    You mean a FM spot sniper? Nah man. He snatched up the spot. He doesn't get to keep it.

  8. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    I guess I can't come to terms that a GM would be logging into my account, that is incredibly odd to me, from my understanding, even on private servers you had the capability to do 'item research' without even logging in. Plus they have access to your character info? Idk the whole scenario is uncomfortable to me

  9. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    This whole thing is dumb. The Op wanted to go on reddit and make a big fuss just to slander. The CM I felt handled very well. He's only operating as he should. I see nothing wrong with changing the names either. I mean hell, I have friends with a few names that I'm sure if a GM saw they could change. Sadly the new CM is falling to what my professor calls "The George Washington effect." Washington was loved before he took office. The people wanted "someone who was them" to represent them in the new country. By the time Washington took office, he was almost universally hated. Seems rather relatable.

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    Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    IDK how long vacant spots in Scania FM4 usually stay vacant.
    Nothing morally wrong with taking a free spot. Mind you, it wasn't even a spot that was only momentarily free because someone was resetting their shop. The permit shop disappeared when its owner "logged off".
    Atquei didn't even tell him, "But you've nothing to sell, you're just holding the spot." He acted as if he'd do the same regardless who took the spot he made vacant.

    I am uncomfortable with the idea as well. I never said I approve of it, just that it does happen. I think it should come as no surprise that private server GMs have better tools at their disposal than Nexon's GMs, who seem to have little to no access to the database, and must get in-game for just about everything.
    I don't know whether they have access to your password or just a way to log in without ever entering it. I would assume the latter.
    They don't have access to the PIC, so they have to reset it to get on your character.

  11. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    I've been cucked.


    I just took this as wanting to get it on video more

  12. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    it's just a prank brah is pretty much the reason for posting
    dunno it's pretty much how live chat is with GMs it seems. Gotta play that GM Roulette to see if you actually get a nice one to help you out.

  13. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    Most likely the latter since it's extremely insecure to store passwords (plain text) but then again it's Nexon so who knows.

    The name change was uncalled for....and I doubt they prevent another person from making/using that IGN after the name change--they removed all my GM IGNs (eg: AtqueiWlN) but I was still able to get it back after

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    Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    At first I couldn't realize where that whole name thing comes from, I had to watch the video and pay attention to the chat, like what the hell, why are they looking there LOL, it's not the point of the video or anything, retarded as hell.

    This is stupid.

    The guy was just someone random and it was a by-product of "collateral damage" let's say, the pineapple is he related to anything LOL I am dying.

    "I don't appreciate a random dude having to have his name changed just because he whispered me at the wrong time" wtp LOL.

    Anyways I don't think this whole thing matters and I agree with Bryan.

    Also my initial thoughts although I didn't wanna judge about the CM were right, well it isn't necessarily a bad thing, but a more professional approach to things would be nice, I think the GM in the video could've done a better job at handling this though but it wasn't ultimately a bad decision by him.

    I didn't like this reply at all;
    load of bullpomegranate if you ask me.

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    Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    Little did the GM know that "Pimppi" is Finnish for female genitalia...

    Nvm, checked the reddit thread again. RIP

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  16. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    So when you log in and your PIC instantly requests to be reset without any other notice - that means a GM logged into your account?! That happened to my Reboot main account a few weeks ago and I had no idea why it happened. It was very disconcerting, because if someone knew just my id+password they could've set a new PIC without even knowing my previous one. I wonder why a GM needed to go on my account, though...

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    Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    Did it also tell you that you'd logged in from a different IP than before?

    If you didn't have a ticket open then I guess you got reported for something and they wanted to check it?
    (Although, as KhainiWest said upthread, shouldn't they be able to see everything about your character/account in their database?)

  18. Default Re: So did the GM do good?

    No, didn't give me a notice someone from a different IP logged into my account. Weird.



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