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    There's a "Sweetwater Ring" as a prize in the upcoming marvel (, and for whatever reason it's an exact copy of superior gollux ring, down to being part of the same set:

    really weird but it allows some extra creativity with scarlet ring to get both full superior gollux 4-set and reinforced 4-set with the following or similar combination, though you will be dropping tyrant belt and some stats for the reinforced set bonuses:

    sup ring
    sw ring
    scarlet ring
    sup belt

    rf ring
    rf pend
    rf pend
    rf earring

    any thoughts?

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    Default Re: sweetwater ring

    I assume it's a placeholder for now, and will be updated at tomorrow's patch.

    I do find it odd that the Marvel Machine notice says the Sweetwater Ring will be SoKable, when all other sweetwater equips are untradeable once equipped. That might also be a mistake, based on the data currently in the game, rather than what they'll put in tomorrow.

  3. Default Re: sweetwater ring

    Well if nothing changes then it's just a renamed Superior Gollux ring.



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