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    Default Pokemon Direct Feb. 26 2015

    The Direct just finished.

    Looks like we might just have a leak beforehand with having had information from a European trademark office with Sun/Moon. Of course just speculation about possibly being the generation 7 games isn't quite so far fetched given Magearna's information released to date. Given it could be touched upon with possible legendary and starter information, I'm just being optimistic to see what happens upon release.

    I know we could easily see a little preview given the generation to come is likely still in production, and who knows about what other releases we might see for the franchise outside of Japan.

    From what I can see, everything looks legitimate about it as well. The fact it was noted via as well as several other gaming news sites has me thinking this stuff is real. Even tried the site mentioned via Serebii and I'm also curious about it being a possible confirmation.

    Looks like G1 monsters will be able to jump over to G7 now. This is one time where the bit of news has me curious as to how things will turn out now. Just means I've got to track down the funds to get one of the RBY Virtual Console games and play the crap out of it for when Sun and Moon come out.

    I'm sure there are others who are also curious as well.
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  2. Default Re: Pokemon Direct Feb. 26 2015

    It seems the RBY rereleases make Fissure No Guard Machamp a possibility now but we need more information.

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    Default Re: Pokemon Direct Feb. 26 2015

    I s2g if you don't rename this thread to "Pokemon S&M versions announced"...
    also what the HELL happened to Pokemon Z

  4. Default Re: Pokemon Direct Feb. 26 2015

    The "hurr Pokemon S&M XDDD" novelty will die off just as quickly as the "Omg Pokemon DP LOL!!" novelty died off.

  5. Helium Atom
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    Default Re: Pokemon Direct Feb. 26 2015

    I suppose one could think of either Sailor Moon or MapleStory when abbreviating the generation now. Though I'm also looking at Megaman Battle Network/Rockman.exe 4 with already having had the luminary theme beforehand with Red Sun and Blue Moon.

    I'd even say I'd welcome any generation 7 talk/speculation in here.

    Given that we see a new Pokédex, so far can say a safe speculation of 5-7 new monsters already being fleshed out. A release for the coming generation already counting the next movie trailer. Add in the 2 additional stages for the monsters that were being designed if not an alternate branch for an existing pokémon.

    Who knows? Maybe we will get a chance to see a monster based off fireweed, speculation that would not be farfetch'd. (Sorry, couldn't help but add the pun.)

    Had also seen a few videos that already started analyzing bits and pieces from the announcement of Sun & Moon. I'm just waiting for more information, like perhaps the starters and general map of the area.

    Have already heard speculation about anywhere from 70-100 new monsters coming. But seeing as the information is limited to what we know, I'm going to play things by ear. I'm going to take a stab in the dark at 4-5 hidden legendary monsters, though I know I could be wrong as well.



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