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  1. Default Solid year for Nexon sees net income up by 88%


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    Default Re: Solid year for Nexon sees net income up by 88%

    PC business had a slight decline, mobile business had a major increase.
    Korea, North America/Europe had decent increases yoy.
    China flat.
    Japan declines (no surprise) yoy.

    Minor decrease for China and major decrease in Japan expected in Q1 yoy.
    Slight increase for Korea yoy in Q1.
    Major increase expected for NA/EU for Q1.
    Overall decrease expected in revenue for Q1.
    PC business expected to decline, mobile business expected to increase.

    Both new PC and mobile titles expected to launch in NA/EU and Korea. (Yes, new PC & mobile titles for NA/EU).
    "New Boss Monster Update" for MapleStory in Q1.

    Consolidated financial reports mentions an increase in loss for NA b/c of marketing expenses. (Remember, previous financial reports mentioned a decrease in profit. Does this mean that the NA business is no longer running at a loss?)
    Dominations noted to be the cause for the major increases in NA/EU.
    So... should we be expecting GITS: First Assault to come out of Early Access this year? Dirty Bomb to come out of Open Beta this year?
    Lawbreakers is expected to go into beta early this year.
    Riders of Icarus should probably go into Early Access/Open Beta this year.

    I'm also expecting another new PC game to be announced by NxA within the next couple of weeks. From my sources, the game is called "Smash + Grab" and just from the logo that I've seen alone, it seems to be like a heist game.



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