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  1. Default How % DMG scales past 100%

    I know % dmg has diminishing returns past 100% but how diminishing? 101%-200% half as effective? 201-300 one third? And how does ATT% compare to DMG% they equal but ATT doesn't diminish or 1% ATT is always better than 1% dmg?

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    If you have 1% damage (1.01x base damage), and you get 1% more damage, that's 2% (1.02x base damage) damage. You'll do 2% more damage than you did without any % damage, but you'll only do 1.02/1.01 = 1.0099x more damage than you did when you only had 1% damage. Notice that the increase isn't exactly 1%, that's the diminishing return. The increase in damage decreases the more of it you have because it all adds up (instead of like, multiplying or something), because that quotient (the 1.02/1.01 for example), will become smaller and smaller as you have more and more % damage. It doesn't become less effective just because you pass certain thresholds (100%, 200%, etc), it's just how the damage math works.

    It works exactly the same for pretty much every stat, including % attack. The reason % attack is generally better is that you'll generally have less % attack than % damage, at least in terms of bosses, since % damage is additive with % boss damage. For example, if you have 100% boss damage, and 10% damage, you effectively just have 110% damage against bosses, so increasing % damage by 1% would increase your damage from 110% to 111% (2.11/2.10 = 1.00476x more damage) against bosses, but it would still be 10% to 11% against normal monsters (1.11/1.10 = 1.009x more damage).

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    I was wondering the other day, marksmans get %damage with distance, would their passive(and maybe buff from other classes) %damage count in this formula? Or this is only for eqps?



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