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  1. Default Blade and soul Q/A

    This thread I'll keep for questions/answers. I'll check everyday, I should have the capability to answer any questions you can throw. Especially about classes, progression, quests, yada yada

    I'll also make a list of important questions I feel should be in the original topic.

  2. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    Between Kung Fu Master, Assassin, and Force Master, which of the three do you think is the most suitable for (mostly) solo PVE? Without having to rely at all on other players without any/much difficulty, that is. Which one is the (seemingly) most desired in party play, if any? These are the three classes I like the most (so far, not sure about Warlock), but I'm also considering making a Blade Master at SOME point.

    Not sure if serious. If not, then kek. If yes, then yes. The game is incredibly fun - at least from a combat mechanic perspective. Voice overs are pretty horrible, though.

  3. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    At around level 30 most of the content is just not soloable by any class. Trash mobs are typically more difficult to deal with than the actual boss, kung fu master probably would have the easiest time though since of the number of block/retaliations he has

  4. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    Well, that's not a good thing to hear. I have no friends. lol

  5. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    F7 to search for a party. F8 to search for a cross-server party, if you're having problems finding people.

  6. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    If I'm already mana starved, should I upgrade my weapon past the true profane buff? The only way I can see Siren's 20% mana regen being better is if it's 75%+ proc rate.

  7. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    iirc you're a summoner so yes, true siren would benefit you more than true profane

  8. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
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    Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    HOLY pineapple. I wish someone explained me how the hell Guilds work.
    I'm gonna take a full week trying to craft the moonwater transformation stone.

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    Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    I started playing and I love the game so far.

    Icarus was so laggy so I wanted to try this

  10. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    You need a special recipe so be aware of that, for the premium refiner

  11. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    Are any of the level 50 dungeons actually difficult? Poharan was kind of boring it was so easy. I would at least like to see something on the level of day 1 MCHM from TERA, preferably harder than that, I've gotten used to the difficulty of XIV endgame.

    On another note, I consistently hold aggro now in E Supply Chain on every boss even if I come in at sub 75% HP, I had to spec my cat for tanking even in there just because of that. With the 10 stack of the 5% crit rate buff in there I'm generally firing 4-5 attacks per second due to all the resets. The sunflower build is nice and all for normal dungeons but rumblebees is so much better for bossing it's not even funny, and besides, you can spec your LMB for aoe anyway, just using that and vines and thorns and nettles is more than enough already for burning huge mobs away. Do the hongmoon secret scrolls drop from 50 dungeons or are they quest reliant?

  12. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    Have you done 4man poh or black wyrm/ogres because those are probably the hardest things in the game atm. PoH is kind of a crapshoot cus if you have experienced players you can run through it, if you dont its almost impossible to complete

  13. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    There's never any people around to kill those world bosses on my server so no, I haven't. I would have tried soloing but 65M HP is retarded and I'm pretty sure he uses poison, and poison is the cat's main weakness since it bypasses the 90% damage reduction/hp regen on hit of crouch stance. The ogres have that seemingly random target leash attack too so I can't use him to tank them, either. Aside from that, I can solo the full spawn of the base camp+the two bosses that spawn all at the same time, now, so anything that doesn't use poison is pretty much cake for summoner. The poharan small raid is what I was referring to when I said the raid, though, even if the group sucks I can and have solo'd the bosses, the chef is the only one that gives me any problem because, again, poison.

  14. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    PoH 24 man and 6 man are supposed to be medium difficulty so that people can build gear up/exp up for the next raid coming up, which is much more difficult

  15. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    For soul shields, I know the secondary stats randomize but does the HP also?

  16. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    Yeah, it does. I'm not sure by how much, but I've seen people with the same soul shield as myself and they have slightly lower or slightly higher HP on some of them.

  17. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    Another question; is there a way to upgrade your weapon without having to feed it soulstones, they are 30s+ right now and I'm not willing to feed it dozens of stones just to get to a breakthrough where I'll need to feed it even more. I fed it Infernal gear as long as I could but it's over the level cap for that after siren, and all the current tier of weapons require soulstones as a secondary material. How are people not going broke before they even get to the break/trans?

  18. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
    IGN: Triggernometry
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    Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    AFAIK weapons with the prefix "offering" gives the best exp/gold ratio.

  19. Default Re: Blade and soul Q/A

    Don't, it's not worth it right. In fact if I were you, I'd do the faction dailies for the 22+ soulstones then either sell them for quick money while they are spiked up OR use them.

    Soulstones are an oddity because you will need them for everything, hence why they spiked up, HOWEVER, pvp just made them 10x easier to get. They will deflate, and they will deflate hard by the end of this month, expect them to be like 4-5 silver each if that. So it's better to cash out now then buy later. You can still do mushins tower/bloodshade without anything more than PoH at the moment, although a little more difficult, obviously.



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