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    3rd lair run with friends, merry potters recipe drops = $_$

    now I am 497 ap :D going to farm lair for days now.

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    Not sure if you/friends are making stones together but definitely save up stones this week to sell over the weekend, or even use them to upgrade. Unfortunately Darts/soulstones are still skyrocketing, and moonstones, I personally have to farm a bunch this weekend to make all my upgrades ;;

    I would have been quicker to upgrade but after selling all my assets I only have about 2k gold in my name, so I'm trying to spend as least as possible

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    Finally reached over 500 AP. Still need to upgrade to blackwyrm gems and farm Naryu Lab for the additional 3 AP.

    Ran 4-Man Yeti/4-Man Awakened Necropolis with only guild members, can kill very consistently now. Bryan is a pro destroyer

    90 more 4-Man Yeti kills to go for 7 AP. 10 a day should be enough D:

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    Let me know if you guys want an easier run but I got HM Block which is essentially the best party skill in the game, 5 second immunity for the entire party, and recovers status effects like stun and knockdown lol

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    People are probably wondering where I vanished off too. As I got more accustomed to blade and soul and started understanding the significant of the other regions future tellings, I came to the realization a break was necessary.

    Here's the thing, blade and soul is a fantastic game, the atmosphere was just nailed. But this huge content patch every month, rather than the 6-12 months of dryspells the other versions commonly complained about it, it really was a blessing and a curse. I couldn't take it because I was literally on the cusp of every upgrade tier, only for new content to be thrown in my face and restart the grind. I was STRUGGLING to find motivation, as soon as I finished one race, another started.*

    The content just for me was coming out to quickly, I sold all my assets and I'm sitting around 3k gold right now, which no matter what I spend it off is entirely profit (Sold stingers/premium stones when they were double what they are now). So I'm biding my time to come with a come back and catch up to all the content. I do keep on crafting on my alt just to get small gold profits there (Right now sitting at around 600g).

    Even if I'm the last one playing I'll be updating this thread once I return towards the end of the year.



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