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  1. Default Cricket chirping chamber

    A thread where you can talk about your progress, experiences, and any funny screenshots. Time for you crickets to sing.

    For those a little worried about the possible "customer service" from NCsoft you can expect, let me reassure you with a problem they just solved today;

    Pretty happy, although at first I genuinely just considered it a loss on my part.
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  2. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    The PVP is so fun in this.

    A group of 3 Crimson scum were camping me for easy spawn kills. I respawned without my Cerulean uniform to reposition myself, got my faction gear back on, and proceeded to 3v1 them. They were all at least 3 levels higher than me, with their highest level being a full 10 more than I was, and it was honestly funny to see them struggling to catch me as I kept popping in and out of stealth with Dandelion as a summoner. It ended with 2 of them killed and the highest leveled one finally knocking me out, but not delivering the finishing blow because I had my cat pounce on them and pin them to the ground. I can still control my summoned pet so long as I'm not dead, so I let my cat finish them off as I slowly crawled onto their corpse. Summoners have the ability to speed up their waking recovery if their cat is alive, and their cat performs a little dance when helping you; so in the end I was sitting on top of their corpse meditating as my cat danced on their face. It was a very triumphant moment for me, especially since they didn't even respawn until I finished reviving, so I knew they were there just watching as I pretty much did the BnS equivalent of teabagging them.

    In another instance, I was doing a quest and pressed F to talk to an NPC. Unfortunately, I pressed F a little too far from the NPC, so it triggered my F skill on a Crimson crapper that just happened to dash away from me. It was an accident, and I usually don't attack randoms unless provoked, and especially not in towns since I know how annoying it is to just be minding your business doing quests or something and getting attacked. I tried to back up and show them I wasn't attacking them, but they proceeded to charge head on into me and engage in combat. So, I of course stopped showing mercy on them and proceeded to wipe the floor. They respawned and instantly charged at me as I was talking to an NPC, presumably for revenge. After killing them a second time I didn't see them again, so I assume they gave up.

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    Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    i was just mi8nding my own business, dealing with random lagspikes when...


  4. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    Them server crashes. God damn it. Lmao

    I've made it to level 30 on my Kung Fu Master so far, though the crash probably just rolled me back to 28. >_> I just hope I didn't lose that Ivory Scepter suit I worked so long on.

    I'm really digging the Golden Deva outfit as well, minus the accessory.


    God... Just thinking about a roll back... I just upgraded a bunch of equipment and that's probably all gone now. The server load is too much, I guess?

  5. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    Havent gotten a roll back yet but who knows,first time for everything

  6. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    I heard some people complaining about losing items from rolling back from this morning's server crash, but maybe it's not true. I'm not one to say.

    Also, another note : I'm enjoying the pineapple out of Kung Fu Master. It has so many freaking options at any given time, it's ridiculous. Your variants have variants. Not only that, but they seem strong as hell. I'm almost always holding aggro against bosses (except Golden Deva) and locking down bosses with the join skills and a choke hold is awesome.

    Finishing off an enemy with a Shouryuuken is just satisfying.

  7. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    Most of KFM skills have a high level of threat that holds the monsters aggro, thus they are the best tanks in the game

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    Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    I just want to say that I'm really liking Kung Fu Master.

    It's like I'm playing a Batman games in a MMO.

  9. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    So I decided to make a Summoner with my one remaining slot...

    You might have noticed that my Summoner's IGN (if you can even see it; the video's blurry) is what I previously reported my Blade Master's name to be. This is because I tried and failed to capitalise on their manual server transfer from Mushin offer in order to get a free name change, so I was stuck with the IGN Alacrya for my Hajoon Blade Master.

    I'm starting to suspect that NCsoft's support team is full of people with severe reading comprehension issues. The reply they gave me for the above ticket was "sorry, but we cannot offer a transfer of characters during this testing period", showing that whoever wrote it clearly thought I was trying to get an actual server transfer. The "manual server transfer" offer they gave, if you don't know, is just a reassignment of founder's pack items to one other character on another server on your account, in addition to renaming that character and deleting the old one. In case you're wondering what happened afterward, I sent a reply written in a much more formal tone and presented an argument with their own announcement as evidence supporting it. Which they proceeded to completely ignore until I decided to just forget it and stick with the IGN I already had.

    Yesterday, I sent them a video of botters and offered a suggestion on how to possibly get rid of a sizeable chunk of them. They told me that they could not tell me what measures they intend to implement in order to counter botting...when I never asked for any information or reward in exchange.

  10. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    Finally done with my character pretty much. Cost me 30 gold and like, 7 hours last night along with 2 hours this morning but i got this peach to drop

  11. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    I started a new character today. I wanted to start a Blade Master, so I figured I'd model him after myself. It's er... pretty accurate, I must say.

    I'm 6'7'' and a beanpole in real life. The only thing that I feel off about this character, really, is the hair. I've never had my hair quite that stylish.


    1/25 Update :

    I played through the Tomb of Exile today and the costume dropped. I nabbed it for 50 silver, which isn't bad considering people in the Fraction chat were telling me they spent gold on theirs.
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  12. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    Level 50 content on Feb 10th, updated cash shop I'm sure too. The hongmoon skills are genuinely a game changer, so hyped for it, especially for blademasters who literally become vampires.

  13. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    Sweet. Though, I still haven't even hit 40. >_> I've been doing the main quest and subquests constantly. I have no idea how you guys level up so quickly.

    On a side note, I got the full Lycan set after a few hunts. This poor guy in my server had been there for hours and spent almost all of his money on Lycan essences and I still got it before him.


  14. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    15 hours.

  15. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    That doesn't really help me at my level. =/ I've been doing quests allllll freakin' day and I've gotten from 37 to 39 and 25ish%. I keep turning in quest after quest and it's taking forever. I think I must just suck.

  16. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    I know, but thats how people like me got to level 45 quick. Also here's my character since i haven't actually postoed it yet;

  17. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    I'm slowly getting up there with my Force Master. I'm currently level 31 I think. I love this class so much, now especially that I've gotten my dodge skills and a decent amount of skill points. Gonna try pvp later today if my internet will handle it.

  18. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    I wouldnt bother until you're capped cus youll just get bullied by summoner, assassins and blademasters

  19. Default Re: Cricket chirping chamber

    Yep. PvP in this game is no joke. I was trying on outfits to see what looked cool mixed around and I put on my Cerulean outfit for half a second and someone popped up and one-hit killed me. I think it was an assassin, but sheesh... No hesitation. They just insta-dived me, like they were waiting for me to put it on. I wasn't even in a town. I was in a middle of a field, doing quests.



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