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    Where has all the extractions been lately? Did Locked jump ship?

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    I think he has a life outside of doing extractions for a game that I don't imagine he plays very frequently. When he does them it's probably because he has the spare time to do them.

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    Then shouldn't he find a replacement or someone to help out when he can't?

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    I've been busy with a lot of other things in my life. Recently I've been having some family issues which involved traveling to another country that I didn't want to go to since it has a risk of me dying. However I recently came back (as in, 2 days ago) and I'm alive so at least there's that. Unfortunately I've come back really really ill and nearly incapable of doing a lot of things. Yesterday I could not even get up to go to bed and had an absolutely horrible experience. Before all the family issues I had a bout of depression due to some events that happened and I was unmotivated to do anything except mope around and contemplate life. Overall Q3 2015 has not been a good time for me so I've been putting off a lot of things.

    Yeah that's a decent gist of it. I don't play MapleStory much, the patch notes that Nexon provides seems to have superseded most of the needs of extractions being immediate and as a result I've been kind of putting it off since I have higher priority things to do.

    I could but then that'd require teaching someone how to use the tools which given my current busy schedule I have no time to do.



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