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  1. Default EES or StarForce?

    I saw a lot people enhance their CRA/Tyrant using Star Force, and the mesos needed is insane.

    However, I also saw a lot of dirt cheap EES in the market, and the description doesn't look like it will destroy the equipment.

    So why people still using Star Force instead of EES?

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    Default Re: EES or StarForce?

    I don't know what description you are reading, but normal EE's destroy equipment on failure.
    There is one kind of AEE that doesn't destroy (commonly known as "no-boom AEE") and it costs in the billions (depending on server and on how far we are from an event that gives them out. Only to Cash users, of course).

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    Default Re: EES or StarForce?

    It's better when you reach too much stars, since if you use a protect scroll or use those no-booms you can save the star if you fail, it's not bad to do so with tyrants too.
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  4. Default Re: EES or StarForce?

    Also, if you blow up an item with an EEH scroll you can not recover it, it is gone forever. If you blow up an item using the Starforce enhancement system you can recover it if you can find another copy of that item.



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