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Thread: Rune spawn?

  1. Default Rune spawn?

    Does rune spawn randomly regardless of player in the map OR player must stay in the map for certain time?

  2. Proton Straight Female
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    Default Re: Rune spawn?

    they have a cooldown for spawning (not positive the length, feels like 10 mins or so), and they will not spawn if there is no player in the map

  3. Default Re: Rune spawn?

    They generally spawn after you kill enough mobs and their cooldown is 10 minutes or so?

  4. Neutron
    IGN: SkyTheBM
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    Default Re: Rune spawn?

    The Rune respawn time is about 15 minutes, which is the same amount of time for the Rune usage cooldown. They're only respawned when you kill monsters (number seems to vary all the time).



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