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    Yeah, unfortunately majority of hte masterpak users are in mushin, so hopefully more people will post;

    I accomplished a lot during this headstart, I still have a lot to go through but being level cap, access to the highiest level dungeon and 2/8 of the end game soulshields is not too shabby. I also got connections to upgrade my weapno much sooner than most people. So I think I'll be in the top 10%, just put another 100 bucks into my account for potions/repair tools, for convenience sake. Unfortunately majority of the quests in the last area don't have many resources, I'm hoping by tonight ill be up to snuff.

    Also with the highest level crafting I'm definitely taking advantage of early market pomegranate lol

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  3. Default Re: Blade and soul 101

    I made a character on the server of Jiwan, since Mushin was unavailable and no one else has listed a server. If anyone wants to join me, my name is Rezbit.

    .....LOL The Grim Tidings voice... "Do you bleed? You will!"

  4. Helium Atom Male
    IGN: UhWut
    Server: Windia
    Level: 241
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: SquishyNoobs
    Alliance: Wings

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    Something small I just found out you could do is you can put any picture you want as your profile picture (hit f2 to access) by:

    1. Take the image you want to use and open it in a image modifying program (I just use paint for ease)
    2. Resize the image to exactly 414 x 678 pixels and it must be saved as a .jpg
    3. Place the image inside the BnS screenshot folder (Usually located under C:\Users\[Your Username]\Pictures\BnS\CharacterShot
    4. Hit "Take a picture" on the UI and select the image
    5. Afterwards, hit the refresh button on the top of the UI and it should update!


    edit: apparently you can also use .gifs, you just have to change the file to a .jpg but in game it will load as a .gif

    I'm having too much fun with this small feature
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    It'll automatically shrink or stretch an image to fit, you don't really have to edit the image. It is preferable though. I remember in beta someone was spamming world chat and had a really lewd image for their profile pic. Wonder if they'll give out bans for that.

  6. Helium Atom Male
    IGN: UhWut
    Server: Windia
    Level: 241
    Job: Shadower
    Guild: SquishyNoobs
    Alliance: Wings

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    Oh, that's even better then. I just assumed the image searching function was really strict with the images. I'm not sure how NCSoft handles reporting players, but I would assume that someone would have file a complaint to them directly through the ticket function or forums (I can't seem to find where to report people in-game).

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    One of my friends got it pulled down and a notice essentially, so I dont think its bannable as long as it's not like, RIDICULOUS.

    Just finished my poh bopao set, doing dailies for the gold then mass running it for items like bracelet

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    Mushin, Blade Master Lychnia.

    I had to kill the Stalker Jiangshi so freaking many times to get my Stalker Sword. =.= I must have gotten at least two copies of every other weapon.

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    Lol. I got my complete Stalker Soul Shield on two spins. On the Japanese version, it took me at least 10 tries on all 3 characters.

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    I probably had at least five full stalker soul shields by the time I got my damn sword.

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    So how hard is this game to run compared to, for example Tera? And more grindy or quest based?

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    If you do every quest in the game, you're looking about 35ish hours till max level on premium, so close to 40 hours. If you go through the grind method, you can get it in about 18-20, but you will have difficulty unless you have a good group of friends.

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    I was wanting to sit back, relax, and play after a long, stressful day at work...

    Well... I guess that ain't happening.

    Edit : And now I'm rising in numbers, now at 5,002 in the queue. Sheesh.

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    Huh. Mushin's queue is shorter, about half as long. Still have to wait for 4 hours though, thanks to the 200-odd premium members in the queue.

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    I just bought a premium membership because of this b.s. (and because the extra EXP might come in handy, too). I don't want to have to wait 90+ minutes to log in after a crash on my only time off to play. Now, I'm #11 in the queue. I guess there aren't as many premium players in Jiwan.

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    I'm bored, so I'll just post a screenshot of my character in the queue.


    My initial thought was that she looks like some kind of k-pop star, but with this outfit on she reminds me more of Inori from Guilty Crown. ._.

    She's a tiny Yun. About half the height of the male Gon NPCs, and only around a head taller than my friend's male Lyn (height slider maxed).

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    I was looking through the shop to see if there were any cool cosmetic items for my character and I saw this on one of the outfits :

    What does the DD. mean?

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    I have no clue, but that outfit is AWESOME. Highly revealing on Yun, but it looks so freaking cool.

    Speaking of outfits, my storage is full of them. =.=

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    How long do I have to follow along with quests before I can just do what I want? Getting really tired of MMO's giving me a subpar storyline I don't care about and making me spend my entire game time running back and fourth to fetch new quests. I just want to explore and grind, but that's clearly not optimal as the items and EXP I'm getting far outweigh grinding, at least for now.

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    Ultimately you have to follow the yellow storyline no matter what, otherwise you don't get access to all the raids you need in order to progress. None of the quests make you run back, they force you to explore more areas for windstrideds, and fo unlocking the raids/new content.



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