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    wow, gay

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    You going to play tomorrow? 1pm EST, I'll be on "Solemn" most likely.

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    Mushin was a horrible choice in server. I'll be waiting forever to get in.

  4. Peanuts
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    Default Re: Blade and soul 101

    Mushin was a terrible choice.

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    So all of you guys are on the server Mushin?

    Alright then. See you guys in like, four days...

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    Unfortunately the guild I was apart of thought mushin would be the best choice long term, now no one can get on lol. F`ucking retarded, I'm really disappoined and shouldnt have listend to these idiots :|

    EDIT: Again I'm really sorry, I do feel legitimately bad, it's terrible I know, I won't hold it against you guys if you go to another server.

  7. Monster Truck Tire Straight Male
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    Is it possible to download the client (f2p) as of now?

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    I actually downloaded it before the's been sitting on my desktop the past few days.

    The installer will install a tiny client. You'll then have to auto-patch it, which for me took about 4 to 5 hours.

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    I've been playing the Japanese version of the game recently, in preparation for the NA release (no IP block, by the way. It's surprising). I had played it before in Chinese, but that was a while back and I think on a not-so-good computer.

    Anyway, my impressions so far are that Kung Fu Master, Force Master, and Blade Master are a lot of fun. I just wish I had more than 3 character slots (or at least 3 per server) so I could test out more of the classes without having to pay or constantly delete and recycle characters. The one I've gotten furthest on is my Force Master, currently sitting at 12 or 13, while I find Kung Fu Master the most fun to play mechanically (and because I love hand-to-hand martial arts), but the Kung Fu Master key binds get me confused when I go to play my Blade Master, as I have the need to press TAB instead of 2 to charge at my enemy. Lol. I'm torn which way I want to go with the NA launch now. I know I'll probably save at least one character slot to try out Assassin, for sure.

    There's certainly a little bit of a learning curve with each of the classes. They have either not-so-obvious skill combinations that take quests or experience for me to learn, or situations that I get put in using certain skills in a "wrong" order that completely screw me up and can wind up with me dead. It honestly took me a little bit to realize how to play more defensively with Force Master after dying a few times in different dungeons.

    One thing that is odd about this game to me, though, is that I somehow prefer to use Lyns over Gons or Jins, when, in most games, I usually much prefer using Humans over any other race. It's something about making the shortest of shortest characters in a world where everything seems massively gigantic that makes it more interesting to me. Also, if there was one thing I really wish I could change about the game, that would be to make more hair styles. The existing ones are all so freaking Korean it isn't funny. Can I just get a normal hair style? Sheesh.

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    I'm probably not going to join Mushin, unless public opinion sways toward any of the other servers and that server becomes the new hyper-overpopulated server on tuesday...where are the non-Mushin people going?

  11. Default Re: Blade and soul 101

    KFM is the best tank in the game and the most rewarding for bossing because of it, blademaster being the second best. The problem youll find with KFM is PVP/early game because its mob skills suck ass. Mages are pure DPS they do like 30% more than any class in the game, assassins can reach that DPS tier but only if played perfectly. Assassin is really good in PVP I would say third best, Summoner>Destroyer=Assassin, although Destoryers have an easier time WITH summoners.

    When thinking long term its less about roles which is what I like about this game, I digress that classes do outshine others in certain aspects, but almost any class can tank in some fashion. It took me two playthroughs to really master BM, I'm still playing around in PVP but summoner really wrecks my sh`it.

    I got in a huge debate last night wiht this guy about our decision and he did bring up a good point that I couldn't really refute. When it comes to blade and soul POPULATION IS EVERYTHING. It makes questing a pain in the asss in the arly games, but you're so reliant on crafting materials, and open world bossing that you NEED a population. I would choose the second or even third highest population. The server change option has really been effective though, I dc'd and had to wait 30 minutes rather than 3 hours.

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    Did you change servers?

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    No I didnt

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    During beta and into the game itself I made sure to put "more character customization is highly requested" on ever single survey. Even ones that have nothing to do with character customization. Give us a color picker while you're at it, I'll never understand why games still restrict you to a set list of colors for customization.

    I disagree. I mean, for launch it's terrible, but the queues will die after about a week when the influx of people coming to play it the first few days dies off a little. We already had dead hours this weekend where there was no queues at like 3 AM, I imagine that will be the norm as everything irons out. The other servers don't even come close to the population of Mushin, and I'd much rather have a more lively server after the initial hype train dies down than a ghost town server.

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    Well I got to max level, have the PVP set, and working with a group to get highest tier gear and crafting formulas for massive money making. Im off monday/tuesday so I have a lot more time to really round out my character.

  16. Peanuts
    IGN: BaconSkewers
    Server: Bera
    Level: 210
    Job: Dark Knight
    Guild: Acrylic
    Alliance: Honour

    Default Re: Blade and soul 101

    Mushin queues got a lot better! A lot of people transferred out of the server, so I'd give it a shot!

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    Yeah, also this

    Also if you press the timer in the top of your map, itll let you knwo when quests (Dailies) are available, along with spins.

  18. Donator Straight Male
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    Default Re: Blade and soul 101

    so when does this open to the plebs? tomorrow? i guess i can go around to making my account.

  19. Default Re: Blade and soul 101 can we make a list of which servers everyone is in?

    I probably won't be able to get into Mushin even if the queues are gone because of the creation lock. Unless I wait for about half an hour or so after I get back home that is.

    Launch is in about 2.5 hours from this post.



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