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    I'm soloing as a Mercedes. I kill the jaw just fine without any deaths, but when it comes to the eyes, I get one shot. I've been killing the abdomen. I have a feeling I should leave the abdomen up and be killing one of the arms. Which arm should I kill for the highest rate of success? I am pretty sure it's one of the arms one shotting me when I am killing the eyes.

    edit: Nevermind, I looked at a YouTube video and found out I need to quickly go to the bottom platform to avoid the hand one shotting me. Completed it, got a Solid pendant. Lol.

    A mod can close this as I answered my own question.

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    No need to go to the bottom to avoid the hands; just duck while you're on the eyes platform, and the hands won't hit you.

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    I don't know if Ishtars Ring has the same range as hurricane but generally if you stand on the farthest point left of the eyes the hand generally doesn't trigger.

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    Hmm sounds good.. But I kinda like the method of using the portal to go down because it gives me a moment to kill the mobs down there. I don't kill the eyes fast enough to just zerg through the eyes/jewel.



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