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  1. Default Dojo Times - Reboot version

    This new Dojo is tough.

  2. Default Re: Dojo Times - Reboot version

    Slightly better than last time:

    marksman is slow lol

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    improving almost entirely by figuring out which buffs I should be using

    decent skills (se, si)
    charged soul gauge (20 att)
    mpe green (+1 atk speed and set cap to 0)
    mpe red (30 atk)
    guild potion (20 atk)
    winter energy (20 atk)
    echo of hero (4% atk)
    guild flag race skills (20% boss damage and 20% total damage)
    advanced bossrush potion (20% boss damage)
    pb kill buff (35 att)
    onyx apple (100 att)
    optional: heaven's door (if you risk dying)

    stuff I'm missing: second alchemy potion, mr. lee's island buff, decent ab and co

    also important is that you can use potions on magnus' stage, so you can refresh your onyx apple there

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    My current best run. Aran's crazy high damage percentages are really great here.
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    Nowhere close to Dual Blade times, just waiting until Kaiser's DPS gets almost doubled in the next two patches @_@

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    I thought they got nerfed since curse bites additional attack gets removed.

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    Cursebite's additional attack indeed does get removed, but it was activating less than 15% of the time anyway. (Should be 100%)
    Wingbeat's maximum number of tornadoes reduced (3->2)

    15% final damage increase added command keys
    15% final damage increase added while in transfiguration
    25% final damage increase added to Cursebite
    Gigas Wave skill% increased (280%->330%)
    Catalyze gives 30% attack instead of 30% total damage
    Transfiguration takes attack speed into account (Transfigured Gigas does 12 lines of damage, compared to 10 lines untransformed)

    Plugged everything into a damage sheet and got:
    damage per line increase of 1.80x with Gigas Wave
    an overall DPS increase of 1.74x

    Much excite.
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    Really digging the new final damage multipliers for Kaiser



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