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  1. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
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    Default Reboot accuracy formula

    Looks like it's different from the normal servers.

    From my observations:
    Fighting monsters up to 9 levels above your own, it looks like you don't miss at all. Starting at 10 levels above your own, the MISS rate goes up very fast. I estimate about 10% per level. At 20 levels above you MISS all the time.

    I don't remember seeing this formula anywhere.
    Can anyone confirm or refute?

  2. Default Re: Reboot accuracy formula

    I have observed this as well. They've basically made it less punishing to kill higher-levelled mobs (which is the right move) while keeping a penalty for anything significantly higher. I was surprised my BM was wiping out Homunculus at lvl ~85-87 without any misses.

    The new formula would now be:

    hitrate% = Floor(100 - {Floor([Moblvl]; [Charlvl-10]) - [Charlvl] - 10}*10; 0)

    Where the floor function simply defines the mob level to be no lower than your character's level minus 10 (so that hit rate will always be 100% if the mob is below your level), and the hitrate floor function will keep it to 0 (and not some crazy negative number).

    I would believe the drop rate effect would be similar.


  3. Default Re: Reboot accuracy formula

    I write them based on empirical observation.


  4. Default Re: Reboot accuracy formula

    Seems that the first 10 levels uses the JUMP formula, but the other 10 uses the original Big Bang formula.



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