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    Default MapleStory 2 heads to China

    No website yet, but at least the trailer is now available. ~ 6 months to get from Korea to China. How long do you think it'll take to hit NA+EU? Do you think it'll hit Japan?

    Methinks it'll reach NA+EU in Q3 of 2016 with them pulling that paid Early Access bullpomegranate for at least 6 months before it actually releases (so, official release: Q1/2 2017). (And before you say that's way too long, how long has Dirty Bomb been in Open Beta again?) But that's really just me being really optimistic. They already have 3 games in their pipeline. (First Assault, LawBreakers, and one from QC Games).

  2. Default Re: MapleStory 2 heads to China

    I don't know how long Dirty Bomb was p2p, but I was playing it for free like 4 or 5 months ago I think. If the beta is the same as release except called a beta, does it matter?

  3. Default Re: MapleStory 2 heads to China

    High chance we'll see something about GMS2 this summer from what I hear from reputable sources.

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    GMS2 will be at least CBT by the end of 2016. Possibly even as early as the Summer.

    Nexon has been pushing MS2 really hard. Rumors suggest Tree of Savior got pushed back solely to avoid it cannibalizing MS2 and that the lack of Peria Chronicles news is because Nexon wanted to avoid infringing on MS2 hype. They WILL get it out worldwide as quickly as they can.

    And we know Nexon NA has the capability to get a NA version of a game out within less than a year of the Korean release if they truly want to. They've done it with Vindictus.

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    I'm honestly a little surprised there hasn't been any news of JMS2 yet. I would imagine it would have been second to get it, considering JMS was second as well if I remember correctly.

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    The Chinese market is big, bigger than North America. It's logical that this game is localized in Chinese first. And the developers want to expand to that region first before it gets to the others.
    I believe Tree of Savior being push backed had nothing to do with MapleStory 2. The game has been revised many times and currently is still in an experimental state.

    Time will tell when North America will localize MapleStory 2. :)

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    That was in the early 2000s. The times have changed. Now Japan is not big on PC gaming in general, (Although Sega is hosting kMMOs these days. So who knows?) and the market is mostly being consumed by mobile gaming. While China, the most populated nation in the world, has embraced MMOs. Namely World of Warcraft and Korean F2P MMOs.



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